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Why Use Natural Stone in Your Next Mendham, NJ, Patio Design?


The title image features Sandstone in Indian Coast.


Why use natural stone in your next patio design in Mendham, NJ? Natural stone is one of the most versatile building materials known to man, and the oldest. No other material brings so much character than the look of natural stone. It’s an investment for the ages, as you’re about to see.



Your Style, Expressed


Unilock natural stone choices include Limestone and Sandstone. Both are highly water-resistant for durability and longevity, but that’s where the similarities end.


Whether you choose Limestone or Sandstone, you will achieve a completely unique space. While each stone has an undeniable charm, the real magic happens when many slabs are combined: you will see some with subtle patterning, some with dramatic veining, and some that are a shade or two different from their neighbors. Natural imperfections are what makes natural stone an exceptional material. 


Limestone is available in a light Winter Mist, a mid-toned Hearthstone, and a dramatic Black River. The fine, subtle patterning is wonderful as a backdrop to elegant homes, classical pergolas, ultra-modern homes with formal landscapes, and grand outdoor fireplaces or water features. 


Limestone could be the ideal choice for sophisticated and formal outdoor living spaces where mid-tone greys create a soothing atmosphere. The greys help to tone down the redness of traditional brick, and its large sizes help create a less visually busy patio. The light tones help evoke a luxurious spa-like feel, while the dark Black River makes for a stunning complement to grand lodge-style timber homes.


Sandstone could be the natural choice for relaxed or rustic outdoor living spaces where natural materials take center stage, and where greater variety is desired.


Sandstone is available in a soft Stone Cliff Grey if you prefer a more subtle look with less visible patterning. For a more dramatic appearance, consider the warm golden-toned Autumn Harvest or the dramatically veined Indian Coast. These colors are reminiscent of faraway beaches—and the naturally non-slip texture can make your pool deck look like your favorite resort. 


Sandstone can look stunning next to white homes, and can maintain a wonderful rustic feel alongside homes with naturally colored siding. 



Where Natural Stone Works Best


Natural stone can be the ideal choice for patios, but you don’t have to stop there. Walkways and pool decks also present opportunities where natural stone will add uniqueness and character. The larger the space, the more you may notice the incredible range of patterns and veining (especially if you choose Sandstone). 


Unilock Natural Stone is also available as coping, pillar caps, and steps to complete the look of your gorgeously unique patio. Use the rock face or fullnose coping around a water feature to create a prominent focal point. Use rock face pillar caps to harmonize a pergola with the rest of the patio. 


You can use Natural Stone steps both as dramatic changes in elevation in multi-level outdoor living, or as charming stepping stones throughout the landscape. Step slabs (150mm thick) are available in a 48” or 72” size (both 16” deep), which opens up a world of creative possibilities throughout your landscape.


You can also use Unilock Natural Stone as an overlay over an existing concrete slab. This could be a fantastic way to update a space without the need for a complete patio tear-out.

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