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The Many Benefits of Concrete Pavers for a New Home in Ramsey, NJ


The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth patio pavers with Rivercrest Wall


If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor spaces this season, you may be wondering if you should go with natural stone or concrete pavers. In this article we will explore the many benefits of concrete pavers for a new home in Ramsey, NJ.



Pavers are modern.

Pavers let you enjoy two current trends: linear plank-style pavers and large format pavers. Linear pavers such as Artline pavers from Unilock allow for amazing creative expression thanks to the seven rectangular shapes of varying lengths and widths, as well as two different finishes. There’s little chance your outdoor space will be like any other when you choose Artline and explore various laying options. 


Large format pavers give your outdoor space a clean, clutter-free look. They are a great solution for small spaces. For a chic upscale space, consider the Arcana paver from Unilock, which features a unique silky matte finish and incredible richness of character. If you prefer a more natural look, Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock are inspired by the warm look of flagstone; the XL size combined with the pavers’ smooth texture makes this a versatile choice for relaxed spaces where a modern touch would work well, such as pool surrounds and spacious patios.



Pavers are faster to install.

Although the surface texture of certain Unilock pavers may look like natural flagstone (such as Richcliff pavers), tumbled stone (such as Brussels Block), or cobbles (such as Courtstone), beneath the surface they’re precision-cut and shaped so that they fit together precisely. This significantly shortens installation time.



Some paver styles can be installed as permeable pavers.

Permeable surfaces are superior to solid surfaces in many ways. A permeable paver isn’t permeable itself; rather, it is installed with slightly larger joint spaces, and set on a substrate that allows water to filter through to the ground below. This prevents massive amounts of water from running off your patio or driveway after a heavy rain; instead, the rain seeps into the ground. This is considered better for the environment and better for your landscape (no more runoff causing pooling or structural damage to your home). Best of all, permeable pavers mean that your outdoor living space stays drier and safer, even in winter.



Pavers last a long time.

Well-installed, quality pavers will last a very long time, giving you years of return on your investment. Should an individual paver ever be damaged, that paver can be replaced without disturbing its neighbors. 


Part of what makes a particular paver worthwhile is its colorfastness—all materials fade over time, but with concrete pavers, this can be mitigated with the right manufacturing process. Look for Unilock pavers that feature EnduraColor; for example, Umbriano pavers, which are inspired by the timeless look of granite, are protected by EnduraColor. This technology combines a base of coarser aggregates that give the pavers a strong foundation, along with rich color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. The larger aggregates won’t show through, and your paver patio will stay looking like new for many years.



Pavers are easy to clean.

Acidic condiments, cleaning products, pool chemicals, oil, landscape debris such as dirt and fallen leaves, and mold can cause unsightly stains on any paved surface. Fortunately, you can find a range of Unilock pavers that are infused with EasyClean stain resistance technology, which is a sealant that is integral to the paver—not just a surface sealant—which makes cleanup a breeze. Bristol Valley is a flagstone-inspired paver that could be the perfect choice for a relaxed family-friendly patio, and the fun honeycomb shaped Hex paver combines the practicality of EasyClean with artistic flair.

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