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Terms and Conditions

Unilock has made every effort to ensure accuracy of these product calculations. When compared to manual calculations, results may vary slightly depending on your rounding procedure.
The user agrees to always review the calculator output to ensure that the output calculations coincide with the User’s input.
*Unilock will not be at any time be held liable for erroneous results relating to calculator malfunction or incorrect data.
Please note the following parameters:

  1. No overages for cutting waste have been included in any of the calculations.
  2. Borders are automatically calculated as part of the total paver area.
  3. Walls may require geogrid reinforcement which is not included in any of the calculations.
  4. “Wall Height” means total including embedment (wall below grade)
  5. Not all products are available in partial bundles. Please confirm with your local Unilock supplier before ordering.
  6. Calculated weights are approximate and should be used only as a guide. Weight of wooden pallets are not included.
  7. Paver Base Chart is a simple volumetric calculation based the user input of “Total Paver Area” and does not account for gravel types, site conditions and compaction.


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