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Reala Technology for a Convincing Natural Stone Look in Westport, CT

Reala Technology for a Convincing Natural Stone Look in Westport, CT

The title image features Richcliff driveway pavers.


Concrete pavers have come a very long way. Unilock has mastered the art of manufacturing ultra-realistic pavers by using Reala Technology, which establishes a natural appearance. Here’s how Unilock uses Reala Technology for a convincing natural stone look in Westport, CT.


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What Is Special About Reala Technology?

The most obvious way to tell whether a patio is made from natural stone or concrete is to look for repeating patterns, but with pavers made with Reala Technology, you won’t be able to detect that distinction. The pavers will look random and natural.


Unilock Reala Technology uses casts made from natural flagstone, cobblestones, and clay brick. This ensures a wide variety of realistic surface textures, so that the finished product—a patio, pool deck, driveway, or walkway—will look completely authentic.


The difference with concrete pavers is that they are made for highly efficient installations—each paver is precisely cut to fit perfectly with its neighbors.


What Kinds of Looks Can You Expect with Reala Technology?

Achieve the look of authenticity when you choose Unilock pavers that feature Reala Technology: These pavers resemble what you’d find in quiet streets of Europe or alongside a rustic cottage or as a central feature in a grand estate. Multiple choices and a wide range of colors mean you can create unique outdoor spaces when you focus on this aspect of Unilock pavers.


Brick-Style Pavers

Copthorne are inspired by historic European street pavers—what you’d see in Amsterdam, for example. Enjoy ease of maintenance with these traditionally sized pavers that don’t require sealing and can be used in any application, including driveways. Their small dimensions make Copthorne pavers ideal for curved spaces or for use as borders or accents. You’re unlikely to notice any difference between these durable pavers and clay bricks. The five available colors can be used individually; or, for a dramatic look, you can have two or three colors mixed on site.


Town Hall pavers are larger than Copthorne, making them ideal for grand spaces (or if you simply enjoy the look of a more substantial paver). Inspired by vintage North American clay brick street pavers, these pavers offer a modern touch. They can be installed as permeable surfaces that allow water to seep into the ground instead of puddling or running off. Choose from six rich colors including blended colors that bring a “wow” factor to your space.


Cobblestone-Style Pavers

There’s nothing quite as charming as old-world cobblestone streets in cities, towns, and tiny villages throughout Europe. Bring the charm to your driveway or walkway, and accent your patio with Courtstone cobblestones. These pavers are buffed to a soft sheen reminiscent of European roads that have seen centuries of travel. Underneath, they’re dimensionally accurate for ease of installation. And on the surface, they are indistinguishable from hand-chiseled stone cobbles.


Flagstone-Style Pavers

Many homeowners and landscape contractors view Richcliff pavers as the undisputed leader in pavers inspired by natural flagstone. Enjoy the varied textures, but you will not have to worry about the flaking and chipping that often occurs with real flagstone. These pavers are durable enough to withstand even the heaviest traffic. The three authentic colors will beautifully complement your home—and if you love the look of bluestone (a type of flagstone with a distinctive steel blue appearance), you can mix two or three colors on site for a completely unique and random look, just like you’d get with natural stone.


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