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Pull Off a Colorful Landscape Design With These 3 Paver Options in Rye Brook, NY


The title image features Copthorne pavers



Does your current Rye Brook, NY, patio look a bit dull? Is it lacking character? If you spend a lot of time in the backyard, you want your outdoor living spaces to be just as inspiring and beautiful as your indoor spaces. Updating the color scheme could be the ideal solution that will rejuvenate your patio and have you spending more time enjoying your landscape. You can pull off a colorful landscape design with these three paver options and have a patio you’ll be thrilled to use for many years to come.



Choosing the Right Color for Your Patio

The best patio pavers aren’t necessarily the most colorful. Rather, they can serve as a blank canvas that acts as the backdrop for furniture, pottery, flowers, outdoor art, and the landscape in general.


In this color strategy, you’ll be using natural colors to add visual interest. Color trends come and go (remember avocado green and harvest gold of the 1970s or mauve-everything from the 1980s?). Sticking with natural colors allows you to pick up colors in the landscape, or to either complement or contrast with colors in the landscape as well as furnishings.


Let’s begin with choosing cool or warm tones for the patio pavers. 


Cool grayish or bluish tones are more soothing, and they tend to suit sophisticated spaces. Earth-toned warm pavers can be welcoming and are ideal for relaxed spaces.



A Cool Patio

Start with a beautiful smooth-textured paver in a neutral color, but with hints of other colors such as Beacon Hill Smooth. This Unilock paver gives the illusion of a textured flagstone paver, but in a sleeker profile ideal for modern spaces. Steel Mountain, New York Blend, or Fossil are the three colors that would fall into the cool range. This paver is sold in a random bundle of three different shapes/sizes for an easygoing setting. The XL rectangle (21¼” x 35½”) is also a trend to take note of, as larger pavers make spaces feel more open due to fewer joint lines. 


Contrast the cool steely-gray tones with bright pops of color throughout your patio: colorful pottery, bright annuals and perennials, and of course colorful cushions. Consider going for a mix of bluish evergreens such as spruces, along with bright shrubs like dogwood, flowering trees like cherry, ornamental grasses, and flowering groundcovers.


This landscape color scheme could be a bit much next to brighter, warmer pavers, but alongside these cool-toned pavers, the colors would provide a wonderful contrast. This is a colorful yet sophisticated look suitable for both modern and traditional homes.



A Warm Patio

Warm-toned patios are, by their very nature, more colorful. Create a warm and welcoming patio with chunky, weathered Brussels Block pavers from Unilock. Their distressed appearance lends itself to relaxed days and cozy get-togethers. Choose Sierra or Sandstone, which will serve as a gorgeous backdrop for bold evergreens and a lush lawn. To draw the eye to the patio, a limited-color plant scheme (such as mostly green and white) could aid the effort. Accent these pavers with the look of brick such as Unilock Copthorne in Burgundy Red, Old Oak, or Burnt Clay for an extra pop of color.

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