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Pairing the Right Paver Pattern With Outdoor Kitchens in the Spring Lake Heights, NJ, Area


The title image features Brussels Block patio pavers and a Brussels Dimensional System fireplace.


Pairing the right paver pattern with outdoor kitchens in the Spring Lake Heights, NJ, area could be simplified by following a few design “rules.” Here’s what you need to know to create an outdoor cooking and dining space that looks as great as it performs.


Patio pavers come in a huge variety of shapes, finishes, and colors. In other words, pavers offer nearly endless design possibilities. As tempting as it may be to do a little of everything, you will probably get the best results when you choose no more than three different pavers—a main field paver, and no more than two border/accent pavers; otherwise, the patio could become visually cluttered.


Start with a paver pattern that complements your home’s architecture and the ambience of your outdoor space. The following “classic” patterns could be used with brick-shaped pavers, although some can be used for larger plank-style pavers.



Classic Patterns


Basket Weave

This relaxed pattern uses brick-like pavers such as Copthorne from Unilock. The basket weave pattern features pairs of pavers laid in an alternating vertical and horizontal design. This is an orderly pattern that brings structure to your outdoor kitchen area. Use traditional brick colors for a vintage look, or mix colors randomly for a more modern feel. 



Circular and Fan-Shaped 

A spacious U-shaped outdoor kitchen could be made striking with a circular pattern that emanates from the center of the kitchen floor, or a European fan pattern that spreads outward from the center of the U. The slender Mattoni pavers from Unilock can be ideal for curved applications thanks to their slender profile. A circular or fan pattern is a natural choice for a rounded patio, but it can add visual interest to larger spaces.




The herringbone pattern is known for standing up to high-traffic areas like outdoor kitchens, and it is also visually appealing and elegant. For added interest, use a lighter jointing sand; for a more unified space, use jointing sand that’s the same color. The Town Hall paver from Unilock is larger than Copthorne pavers. It could be the ideal choice for a large outdoor kitchen and dining space. Its blended colors add interest. You could mix two or three of the available colors randomly on site, for a truly dynamic effect.



Running Bond  

A simple yet timeless pattern, the running bond pattern creates a linear effect popular in modern landscape design. This pattern can also be used with oversized plank pavers from Unilock such as Senzo



Contemporary Patterns



This pattern uses at least three (or more) different pavers: typically one square and two different rectangles. The pattern is actually deliberate but looks random. It’s a great option for a relaxed kitchen. Bristol Valley is a flagstone-inspired paver from Unilock with blended colors and an understated edge detail. Umbriano is a Unilock paver that is gorgeous in sleek modern spaces.



“Random” Linear

A popular trend is to use varying widths and lengths of pavers to create more dynamic side-by-side patterns than the traditional running bond. Unilock Artline and Promenade pavers both feature varying lengths, widths, and even finishes for nearly endless variations including “area rugs” and subtle borders.




Large format square pavers such as Unilock Arcana or Skyline are available in 24” squares, which can be set edge to edge or edge to center (running bond style). These chic pavers can be ideal for modern outdoor kitchens and dining areas, and help create a visually expansive space.

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