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Opt for a Charming Retaining Wall in Mendham, NJ, by Considering These Materials

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Retaining walls are sometimes thought of as utilitarian features and don’t always get the same design consideration as other hardscape features. They can, however, be striking focal points and add personality and charm to your outdoor living spaces in Mendham, NJ. Opt for a charming retaining wall by considering these materials.



The Functionality of a Retaining Wall


Of course, the main function of a retaining wall is to hold back the earth and prevent erosion. These walls also have wonderful decorative uses as well. Retaining walls can be used to define spaces, add overflow seating, and to house landscape lighting fixtures and utilities for a clean, uncluttered landscape.



Prioritizing Style


The concept of charm is highly personal. Some people prefer a sleek modern look for their retaining walls, a look that is simultaneously warm and inviting. Others find charm in the imperfections of rustic, natural textures. Whichever style you prefer, Unilock has a variety of products that could work for your outdoor living space.


You may want to create a unified look by using the same wall units on all vertical features (retaining wall, pillars, outdoor kitchens, seat walls, and planters). Or you can create stunning focal points by using an entirely different material on one single feature—such as an outdoor fireplace—and integrating the remainder of the vertical elements using the same material.



Weathered Charm


A retaining wall with a weather-worn appearance adds a timeless look that brings to mind centuries of family gatherings for al fresco dinners. The Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock features antiqued blocks with a Mediterranean character reminiscent of tumbled quarry stone. The modestly sized wall blocks are ideal for both straight or curved walls. Top the wall with rounded-edge Brussels Fullnose Coping or Universal Coping for a smooth surface.



Retaining Walls Inspired by Nature


Walls inspired by nature are made with materials that would give your retaining wall a sense of belonging in your landscape. They can be ideal for properties where you want a historic touch. The award-winning Rivercrest Wall system from Unilock is a premier choice for a natural handcrafted wall. The units are made using Reala technology, which takes casts from hundreds of real stone surfaces. The result is an authentic natural stone look with no repeating patterns or shapes. The relatively small units are ideal for curved walls that follow the contours of the land and give your landscape a softer and more welcoming look. These vertical features can be topped with Unilock Natural Stone or Unilock Ledgestone.  



Modern Charm


Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock offers a simple aesthetic that is ideal for modern spaces while still offering natural, warm colors. The long, linear blocks and smooth finish contrasts beautifully with flagstone-textured pavers and natural elements in the landscape. Finish the look with Universal Coping or add a whimsical hand-hewn touch by topping the wall with Unilock Natural Stone or Unilock Ledgestone.   



Rustic Charm

If your home and/or landscape are larger in size and you want to balance the look with a chunkier yet still charming wall, consider the
U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock. This technologically advanced wall system gives you an incredible array of design choices including the pitched face veneer, and accent banding using one of the other three available finishes (Smooth, Series Exposed, and Umbriano Mottled). Each contrasting band can be used in other vertical elements to tie the spaces together and lighten the visual weight of a large-block wall. Finish the wall with Ledgestone for a rustic hand-hewn look, or Universal Coping for a contrasting smooth, modern look.

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