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When Is Natural Stone a Good Fit for a Landscape in Warwick, NY?


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The beauty of natural stone is the main reason it’s such a popular choice for landscape renovations. Stone can be viewed by some homeowners as the ideal option for some applications, but it’s not suitable for all. When is natural stone a good fit for a landscape in Warwick, NY?


Aside from the unique beauty of each stone, why choose natural stone over other materials? Natural stone is durable. Walls, roads, and plazas built thousands of years ago are still standing and still in use all around the world. This speaks to the durability of stone and its ability to withstand even the harshest conditions. Limestone and Sandstone from Unilock feature low water absorption, which helps prevent cracking and flaking due to the freeze-thaw cycle.


Natural Stone Patios


If you love the look of a single individual stone, you’ll be stunned by the combination of dozens of stone slabs together. Much like individual instruments work together as an orchestra, stone creates eye-catching outdoor living spaces that are 100 percent unique. Whether your patio serves as your entertainment hub in the summer or if it’s a secluded retreat where you can unplug from the world, it deserves the character that only the look of natural stone can offer. Be sure to seal natural stone regularly, especially around your outdoor kitchen and dining space, to prevent staining from spilled food and beverages.


Natural Stone Pool Surrounds


Whether you want to recreate the look of an exotic beach or bring a luxury spa-like atmosphere to your backyard pool, you can achieve either look using natural stone. Safety is the top priority, so you want materials on your pool or hot tub surrounds that won’t become slick even when wet (Sandstone from Unilock is a popular choice for poolsides thanks to its subtle non-slip texture). Create a chic and sophisticated pool surround using the fine-grained Limestone, or add a more rustic or relaxed vibe using Sandstone with its variegated colors, veining, and unique patterns. When using natural stone around your pool or hot tub, you’ll want to ensure that the stone is regularly sealed to prevent staining from pool chemicals or salt.


Natural Stone Walkways


A grand yet welcoming entry walkway adds so much visual appeal to a home. Natural stone helps to integrate your home into the landscape, especially if the stone looks to be sourced locally. Natural stone can be a great choice for enhancing the entry to homes of any architectural style.


Retaining Walls, Steps, and Other Vertical Elements


Dry-stack (mortarless) or mortared natural stone is an excellent choice for garden steps, retaining walls, fire features, pillars, water features, and the walls of an outdoor kitchen. Narrow stone slabs tend to be best since they offer a relatively smooth and shaped surface that nestles easily against neighboring stone.


Where Stone Is Not Ideal


With the exception of cobblestones, natural stone tends not to be used on driveways because the stone would have to be extremely thick in order to not crack under the weight of vehicles. The look of cobblestones, however, would make for a unique show-stopping driveway, so consider concrete alternatives such as Courtstone from Unilock are easier and more precise to install.


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