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What to Base Your Choice of Walkway Pavers On in Doylestown, PA


The title image features Brussels Block pavers.


Upgrading your walkway to pavers is a great choice that adds so much curb appeal—but the choices can be a bit overwhelming. To help you choose the best option for you, here’s what to base your choice of walkway pavers on in Doylestown, PA.




Safety comes first, of course, and the good news is that Unilock pavers, even pavers with a smooth texture, have a non-slip finish that gives you safe passage when the pavers are wet. If you do want the extra assurance of a visibly non-slip texture, then the brushed finish of Unilock Il Campo pavers could be a great choice for a walkway beside a contemporary, rustic, or modern home. Several other Unilock pavers also feature the Il Campo brushed finish, including the sleek, eco-friendly permeable Eco-Promenade paver and the chic Promenade paver.




A good place to start is with the aesthetics of your home. While you don’t have to stick with, say, a traditional theme or a modern theme, you want to use materials that will complement the home’s style rather than clash with it. For example, the colors and texture of Arcana pavers from Unilock tend to be better suited to a contemporary home than a traditional brick-sided home, but they can look stunning beside a white ship-lap farmhouse.

Unilock pavers that pair well with brick include the granite-look Umbriano (ideal for more contemporary spaces); the flagstone-look Richcliff (ideal for relaxed spaces of any vintage); or the tumbled, weathered Brussels Block.


Laying Patterns


Laying patterns are very much a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer traditional laying patterns suitable for rectangular pavers (basketweave, herringbone, or running bond, such as Copthorne or Town Hall pavers from Unilock). Others like the simplicity of square pavers laid corner-to-corner, such as Arcana pavers. Still, others prefer a more random, easygoing look of an ashlar pattern, which is made simple using Unilock pavers that come in random bundles of several different rectangles and one or more squares (such as Umbriano or Richcliff).


Ease of Maintenance


While concrete pavers are generally easy to care for, if you really want to simplify your life, you could choose pavers sealed with EasyClean, an integral surface protection from stains. While you may not be seeing too many ketchup or mustard stains on a walkway, there is always the chance of leaves, grass clippings, or even deicing salts damaging the surface. With EasyClean, you’re protected—just wipe and go.


Lasting Color


Outdoor materials—even natural stone—will eventually fade when exposed to the sun. If your walkway is on the sunny side of the house, you’ll want to choose pavers with the most durable color. EnduraColor from Unilock is a two-step manufacturing process that combines concentrated color and wear-resistant fine aggregates on the upper part of each paver, and a base of coarse aggregates for a stronger foundation. Fortunately, 27 different products in the Unilock line feature EnduraColor, so you’re sure to find a paver that’s perfect for your project.




If you’re planning on using the same paver for your walkway as your driveway, you want to choose one that’s going to stand up to plenty of wear and tear, so that your driveway always looks as fresh as your walkway. Copthorne, Town Hall, Richcliff and Courtstone pavers feature Ultima technology, which gives them up to four the strength of poured concrete.


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