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Warm Up Your Senses With Landscape Design Ideas for the Spring in Dover, NJ

When you’re thinking about warmth, you may be thinking in terms of physical warmth. But warmth can be visual, too. And in the cold, dreary days of winter, it’s a good time to think ahead a bit on ways to warm up your senses: Here are some landscape design ideas for the spring in Dover, NJ.


Physical Warmth: Fire Features

Unilock outdoor living space with U-Cara fire feature

Let’s start with a fire feature (or two, or three) to warm up your senses. Fire features could be the best investment you can make in outdoor living simply because they encourage you to use spaces that would otherwise sit unused for much of the year. Even as the spring days bring warmer temperatures, the nights are still cold—but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air.

To speed up the process and enjoy a toasty fire feature sooner, consider one of the fire pit kits from Unilock.

The Romanstack fire pit kit features wall blocks with an antiqued split face, which could be ideal for a relaxed space or even as an interesting textural contrast to sleek, modern pavers such as Beacon Hill Smooth. The Romanstack fire pit comes in Almond Grove and Granite—two colors that could fit into nearly any design style.

The Sunset fire pit kit gives your outdoor living space the timeless look of quarried stone (a slightly less textured look than the Romanstack fire pit kit).

If your preference is toward a larger, more stately fire feature, then the Tuscany outdoor fireplace could be ideal. Available in Sandstone (with decorative brick accents) and Sierra (with decorative slate-look accents), this gorgeous antiqued-finish fire feature is quick to assemble—construction could start in the morning and be finished in time for an evening fire. The kit comes with a stainless steel wood-burning firebox and an elegant arched hearth that features the same decorative accents as the fireplace structure.


A Warm Pairing: Pavers and Wall Units

Choosing pavers and wall units in warm, earthy tones can drive away winter blahs and add color to the landscape even before the spring growth spurt that will occur in the landscape.

For vertical elements—including custom fire features, retaining walls, and the walls of an outdoor kitchen—you could consider Lineo Dimensional Stone in Almond Grove. This color can pair perfectly with many Unilock paver styles including the amazing flagstone-textured Richcliff paver, which is a favorite among homeowners who admire the look of bluestone.

The Brussels Dimensional System wall blocks are the same used in the Sunset fire pit kit and the Tuscany outdoor fireplace kit—can also be used to create custom fire features and other vertical elements. For a toasty warm look, choose Almond Grove. You could pair these wall blocks with Mattoni pavers in Sable. The combination of the slender brick shape of Mattoni and the chunky look of the Brussels Dimensional System—both featuring a distressed, weather-worn finish—can lend an easygoing look to a patio, with the added elegance of brick.

And speaking of brick, there’s perhaps no better way to visually warm up a landscape than the rich, deep reds of brick. Copthorne pavers are a great choice. Available in Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Burnt Clay, and Basalt, you could opt for using one color throughout, or mix them for a richer and more dynamic look.



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