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Using Concrete Pavers for Expansive Outdoor Living Spaces in Katonah, NY

The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth pavers and the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System.

Large outdoor spaces deserve special attention when it comes to choosing pavers. Whether the intention is to create a cozier space or to embrace the grandeur, there are pavers, laying patterns, and finishing techniques that can give you exactly the look you desire. Here are our tips for using concrete pavers for expansive outdoor living spaces in Katonah, NY.

1. Create a Spacious Feeling with Large Format Pavers

To get the cleanest and simplest look that allows the patio to be a backdrop for fun activities with family and friends, consider using large format pavers. This way, not only will each paver stand out in its own right, but there will be fewer joint lines to visually break up the space. You could re-create the sense of being on an endless beach, for example, when you use large format pavers. For the most expansive feeling, choose a jointing compound that is the same color or darker than the pavers. This will also minimize visible joint lines for a space that seems to go on forever.

Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock are a popular example of large format pavers that feature blended colors for a realistic flagstone look, but with a smooth texture that’s easy on bare feet and fits in beautifully with modern spaces. With a range of colors to choose from (Fossil, Sierra, New York Blend, Steel Mountain, Tuscany, and Almond Grove), you’re sure to find a color that works perfectly with your design style.

2. Create Visual Interest with Striking Laying Patterns

Another way to keep the eye engaged in the space is to use pavers that can be laid in eye-catching patterns. Herringbone patterns—when well-laid—provide exceptional visual interest, especially when used with contrasting jointing sand. The generously sized Town Hall pavers from Unilock bring the enduring look of timeworn brick to an outdoor space. The blended colors can be used individually if you want the look to be more subtle, or you could create a dynamic space by randomly blending two or three colors on site. Using lighter-colored jointing compound will highlight the patterns more, and using darker-colored jointing compound can create a more uniformly colored space.

Visit the Dream page for visuals on how different jointing compounds can make a brick patio look completely different.

The Hex Paver from Unilock, which is honeycomb shaped, is another striking paver that will add incredible character to a large outdoor space. These pavers are available in three different finishes, each with its own colors. The Umbriano Mottled finish gives you the look of granite, which could make for a very chic outdoor space with a touch of history. The Smooth finish could be ideal for sleek modern spaces, while the Series Exposed finish, with its more pitted appearance, could enhance a more rustic or casual outdoor space.

3. Use Textures to Engage the Eye

Keeping the eye engaged in the space can make a large space feel cozier. For the ultimate in hyper-realistic natural stone textures, which look amazing in the low light of morning and evening, you could choose Richcliff pavers from Unilock. These pavers are a favorite among homeowners who desire the look of bluestone but in a maintenance-free package, and want a versatile material that can be used in both pedestrian and vehicular applications. Choose one color for a cohesive look, or randomly blend all three to achieve the natural color and pattern variations found in a bluestone surface.



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