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Unilock Concrete Pavers for a Relaxed Rustic Atmosphere

The home should be associated with warmth, comfort and a sense of ease and tranquility – inside and out. The textures and shades of your paver selection can go a long way in contributing to that relaxing atmosphere. Here are a few Unilock pavers perfect for creating a rustic outdoor getaway.


Hollandstone pavers are versatile, durable, and have a classic suburban look. Their clean edges, moderately textured surfaces, muted colors and brick-like appearance are all reminiscent of the driveway to a suburban paradise. This entrance has made use of the rich Terra Cotta color variation, which pairs excellently with the deep red bricks used within the architecture of the adjacent home. This paver also complements the vibrant greens of any surrounding nature. This landscape showcases a beautifully cohesive design, echoing the green lawns in the doorway and the siding of the home in the pavers and flower beds. These small linear pavers can be laid in a wide variety of patterns, from the linear running bond design that serves to visually elongate patio surfaces, to the intricate herringbone formation showcased here.


This patio design bears plenty of rustic warmth, created by both the color palette and choice of textures. Incorporating wicker chairs into your patio design can bring pleasant organic textures and country-style comfort to the space. The upholstery chosen here is similarly reminiscent of countryside decor, adding a sense of isolated tranquility to the design. The warmth of wood is echoed in the deep brown accent pavers used to outline the small dining area, visually tying the patio floor and furniture together. Most of the patio is comprised of Unilock Umbriano pavers in the sandy Autumn Sunset color variation. These pavers bear subtle color gradients that add dimension to the surface and stray from the general uniformity found in more contemporary designs. This outdoor getaway is completed by a small water feature that serves to contribute the soft sound of running water to warm summer evenings.
Take advantage of the clean jointing lines between these pavers by filling them with jointing sand of a contrasting color, or a shade that echoes elements within the architecture of your home.


This lakeside patio is the embodiment of rustic countryside living. These small understated Camelot pavers create the foundation for endless summer fun. Although they might resemble cobblestones, these modern pavers have a distinct shape that contributes to the unique flair of your patio design. The vibrant Terra Cotta color variation used here complements tones within the nearby lake and would be similarly suited to poolside patios. Shades contained within the patio pavers are also echoed in the low wall defining the area, resulting in a more ‘complete’ hardscape design. These pavers also pair well with the white-washed wood and unrefined materials common with bohemian designs, and do well beside generous greenery.

Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers are extremely versatile, complementing rustic textured hardscapes while serving as a refreshing change from the smooth tiles used in some contemporary designs. These pavers come in a wide variety of subtle shades that can enhance an even wider variety of hardscape designs. The Sierra color variation utilized here complements the nearby wooden deck and adds natural warmth to the entire patio. These pavers are also highly compatible with natural elements such as gardens and dams. Punctuating the tranquil atmosphere of this stunning patio is the sound of running water, added by the romantic water feature nearby.


This stunning fire-lit patio has been created using Thornbury pavers in the warm Bavarian color variation. Each paver bears its own subtle pattern of depressions on its surface, resulting in an excellent imitation of authentic natural stone. These pavers have slightly irregular edges, which offer a surprisingly powerful impact when creating rustic patios. The uneven jointing lines truly stand out and give the paver surface a natural, time-worn look. Despite their rugged details, the Thornbury pavers add a luxurious look to this patio, which is further enhanced by the placement of plush sofas and dainty candles. The fireplace occupies the center of attention in this patio, contributing a great amount of ambience and evening appeal to the space.
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