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Top Concrete Pavers for Walkways and Poolsides

If you want to revitalize your landscape, you need to look no further than the concrete pavers offered by Unilock. Pavers have an incredible effect on the aesthetic of outdoor spaces. They can make a patio appear lighter or modernize a time-worn driveway. Their varied textures can also transform your pool deck into a tropical paradise or add rustic flair to your walkways. Consider incorporating some of these Unilock pavers into your hardscape renovations for a uniquely breathtaking design.

Brussels Block

Sandstone Brussels Block pavers have been used to create this winding walkway, accented by Heritage Brown Il Campo pavers. The rich border creates a powerful contrast against the lighter Brussels Block pavers and complements similarly warm shades within the home and surrounding softscape. This homeowner has opted for a warm color palette that blends into its surroundings and enhances the home rather than drawing attention away from it.

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The Brussels Block pavers have a relaxed appearance and pleasantly weathered surface textures that serve to make this walkway more inviting. Il Campo pavers also have subtle lines etched across their surfaces and the pairing of these two pavers has resulted in an intriguing combination of textures.
The short pillar echoes the rustic textures used throughout the home and hardscape and also serves to enhance the landscape in the vertical dimension. It holds a classic lantern that pairs well with the paver selection’s time-worn aesthetic.


Umbriano pavers are widely popular and perfectly suited to virtually any application. This walkway showcases their compatibility with the dark and vibrant greens found in well vegetated landscapes. Their sleek surfaces create an interesting contrast against the more wholesome textures of plants and stones. This Autumn Sunset Umbriano walkway has been lined with Old Oak Copthorne pavers that accentuate the deep brown and red hues within the walkway. Copthorne pavers are excellent candidates for subtle edging as they easily blend into their surroundings and can be found in a versatile range of colors.

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Umbriano pavers are also suited to more contemporary designs. This pool deck has been constructed using the Summer Wheat variation that has a pleasant speckled surface similar to that of natural granite. These large format pavers create clean jointing lines that pair excellently with geometric furniture arrangements and square fire pits. The lighter color variations often add a touch of luxury and cleanliness to large open spaces, bringing more light into the design. Umbriano pavers pair well with a variety of other materials like wood, stone, and concrete, and are compatible with a wide range of other colors.


These Belgian Blue Courtstone pavers have been used to create a quaint walkway hidden by rich vegetation. Almost black, these pavers have a highly dimensional color that creates dark and light spots on a surface. Courtstone pavers are excellently suited to walkways and other high-traffic areas as they are incredibly strong. Their small format also creates a flexible surface that can yield to opposing forces rather than cracking.
These pavers bring a touch of Old Europe to any hardscape design and can be used to create whimsical and rustic walkways. They are especially suited to landscapes with plenty of greenery as their realistic cobblestone textures and irregular edges pair well with natural elements. This homeowner has opted for an interesting choice of jointing material that allows individual pavers to stand out.


Artline pavers are a sleek candidate for pool decks that often contribute a resort-like touch. Their long plank-like design can make the space seem larger and more spacious. These pavers come in a range of calming neutral shades for a tranquil poolside getaway. Their subdued shades also pair well with the vibrant greens and browns found within nature, highlighting both the pool deck and softscape as distinctive landscape features. Each paver bears a gradient or speckled surface comprised of light and dark hues. This design not only creates a spontaneous and interesting surface, but also echoes the moving reflections in the nearby pool.
Artline pavers are imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance that enables spills to be cleaned up easily and prevents the formation of stains. This property makes Artline pavers an excellent candidate for your pool deck, protecting you from the messier elements of summer barbecues.

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Top Concrete Pavers for Walkways and Poolsides NY


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