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The Power of Gray In Modern Landscape Design in Paterson NJ

The Power of Gray in Modern Landscape Design in Paterson, NJ

The title image features Hollandstone field pavers.


If you’re looking to give your outdoor living space a fresh modern look, think gray. Different shades and textures in today’s contemporary landscapes make gray very popular for driveway, patio, and walkway surfaces. Here’s how to unlock the power of gray in modern landscape design in Patterson, NJ.


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A Blank Canvas

Think of gray as a blank canvas. But, unlike a canvas that you want to cover with color, gray is actually beautiful in and of itself. It can change color as the sun passes overhead; it can change color with the weather (becoming darker when wet); and it can change color with the seasons, becoming more dramatic as the snow flies in winter.


For a gorgeous gray that’s anything but ordinary, Arcana pavers from Unilock offer two grays that complement each other beautifully: Vivanto (a medium gray) and Corvara (a light gray). The unique mottled appearance brings incredible depth and interest to these pavers, thanks to randomly dispersed natural granite, quartz, and marble particles. These large-format modern pavers will give your patio, pool deck, walkway, and entryway a chic flair.


Blending Living Spaces and Natural Spaces

Grays also blend beautifully into the landscape, giving your outdoor living spaces a “been there forever” look as though the pavers were sourced right in the backyard. Granito pavers from Unilock feature a gorgeous mottled granite-like surface; the gray Notte color closely resembles natural granite, thanks to Artista Color Technology and EnduraColor. Granito Random is a series of random rectangular sizes that are ideal for patios, walkways, and pool surrounds. Granito Hex is a hexagonal paver that is durable enough for use on driveways, or in any pedestrian application where you want to get away from square or rectangular shapes. Granito pavers are available in two distinct finishes: textured and Granito (smooth).


The Perfect Artistic Touch

Adding borders, inlays, and accents to any paver or vertical surface is a great way to add personality. Grays—since they’re neutral—pair beautifully with both cool and warm color families. A great gray-toned accent paver is Hollandstone from Unilock. Hollandstone is available in Charcoal (a darker gray) and Granite (a mid-tone gray); this brick-shaped paver is flexible in that it can be used for both pedestrian and vehicular applications, either as the main field paver or an accent/border.


Another wonderful paver that is commonly used as a border or accent is the timeless Courtstone cobblestone-style paver from Unilock. This small format paver is available in four colors including two grays—Dawn Mist and Basalt—and four rectangles as well as one square. Its smoothly buffed finish is reminiscent of timeworn roads, and it pairs gorgeously with any gray paver for a lovely textural contrast.


Wow Factor

Grays can even create drama. The Promenade Paver from Unilock is a dramatic plank-style paver that is available in four distinct finishes including a dramatic Il Campo brushed finish; each of these comes in various shades of gray, for amazing design flexibility that allows for mixing and matching of colors and finishes to create truly one-of-a-kind surfaces.


Walls and Verticals

The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock brings unparalleled design flexibility to retaining walls and other verticals such as outdoor kitchens. The stunning combination of four different styles and finishes along with eight different shades of gray—means you can be as conservative or as bold as you want with your designs, and still keep it looking elegant and timeless.

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