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Stunning Uses of Natural Stone Coping

It is often the small, understated details of a design that enhance the final product, whether it is an artwork or a hardscape. Coping, for example, is used on top of low walls to smooth them out and allow them to double as seating space. However, by selecting authentic natural stone coping that complements the rest of your landscape design, you can turn these functional accents into important contributors to the hardscape aesthetic. Here are a few examples of how you can enhance your hardscape with natural Sandstone coping from Unilock.

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Creating a Whimsical Patio

Incorporating natural stone throughout your hardscape often results in a design so beautiful and spontaneous that it appears to be part of the natural world. This intimate patio was created using a combination of Sandstone in different shades. Although Unilock Sandstone comes in distinct color options like Indian Coast and Autumn Harvest, no two stones of the same shade will look identical. An inherent advantage of natural stone is that it is mined in seams and each seam produces stones with slightly different patterns and hues. Stones of different sizes were used to enhance the floor’s effortless look.

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The retaining wall that outlines the patio has been topped with the same Autumn Harvest Hue of Sandstone used throughout the hardscape. This creates a sense of cohesion and ensures that the design’s relaxed look is maintained all the way to the perimeter of the patio. Due to the layer of smooth Sandstone coping, this retaining wall can double as a seat wall if necessary.
Sandstone is highly compatible with other natural colors and is an excellent choice for well-vegetated softscapes like this one. The vibrant colors of the surrounding greenery allow the warm, sandy hues of the stones to stand out and draw attention.

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Adding a touch of modern elegance

Although Sandstone can be used to create pleasantly rustic and unrefined patios, it is equally compatible with modern hardscape designs. This versatility arises from the fact that Sandstone has granular, unprocessed surfaces but also exudes an air of luxury. Indian Coast Sandstone coping was used to create these steps, which are elegantly highlighted by small, downturned lights. The different patterns within each stone is clearly showcased here and adds interest to the patio floor.

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This Sandstone color variation is a muted option that pairs well with the other neutral colors often used in modern designs, such as black, white and light brown. These stones are relatively smooth and come in large, uniform sizes with clean, sharp edges – features that are all popular in contemporary hardscape designs. These stones pair well with trendy materials like distressed wood, dark tinted glass, and matte black metal. The addition of crude concrete planters to this patio makes for a pleasant variation in textures. Many homeowners also opt for striking white upholstery in their outdoor furniture arrangements, as this brings the cleanliness and luxury of indoor spaces out onto the patio.

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Embracing the classic look of natural stone

This Sandstone entrance bears a subtly historic look. It is filled with the creamy shades and modest textures one would find in materials used to construct century-old buildings and monuments. These stones have a relaxed look that makes for elegant hardscapes. The flower selection incorporated into this entrance also showcases colors that are not often used by homeowners today. The bold reds and purples are reminiscent of older designs and grant this hardscape some unique flair.
Coping units with rippled edges have been used to create a sophisticated stairway, fitted with small lights that are guaranteed to have a magical visual effect after sundown. Timeless materials like Sandstone are always safe and reliable options, as they have been appreciated for centuries and won’t become dated any time soon. This removes the risk of investing in a design fad that will become unpopular by next year. Natural stone from Unilock is also guaranteed to withstand the test of time, as each stone bears excellent flexural strength and is created to endure freeze-thaw cycles. These coping units also absorb very little water, preventing damage to the stone.

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