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Sleek Large Format Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens That Mirror Their Indoor Counterparts in Saratoga, NY

Sleek Large Format Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens That Mirror Their Indoor Counterparts in Saratoga, NY

The title image features Arcana pavers.


If you have updated your indoor kitchen recently, you may be feeling that your outdoor kitchen is lacking in style. Going outside and seeing dated pavers doesn’t do much for your enjoyment of the cooking experience, but you can achieve a timeless look in your outdoor kitchen if you make a point of choosing the clean look of large format pavers. Here are a few sleek large format pavers for outdoor kitchens that mirror their indoor counterparts in Saratoga, NY.


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Why use large format pavers? Larger pavers mean fewer joint lines for a cleaner look that also showcases each paver’s beauty, especially if you use jointing sand that is the same color or a shade lighter than the pavers.


Choosing Pavers for Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy the minimalist look of 24” x 24” square Unilock Skyline pavers in your outdoor kitchen. Skyline pavers are available in two neutral colors that easily blend with any decor. Although they are an essential part of a chic modern kitchen, they can also freshen up a rustic kitchen that’s feeling dated. A bonus for busy cooks: Skyline pavers are made with EnduraColor technology for durability and long-lasting color.


The silky matte texture and speckled colors of Unilock Arcana pavers make a statement in a modern kitchen. Arcana pavers are available in four chic colors: a medium gray Vivanto, a light gray Corvara, a creamy Lugano, and a white/gray speckled Modena. Combine the 24” x 24” square, 12” x 24” rectangle, and 18” x 24” rectangle in an ashlar pattern to achieve a relaxed yet fresh look. For safety, Arcana pavers feature a non-slip surface and make cleanup a breeze with their EasyClean stain resistance.


Umbriano pavers from Unilock can give your outdoor kitchen, patio, pool deck, walkway, and driveway the timeless elegance of granite whether your home is modern, rustic, traditional, or an eclectic mix of styles, the unique mottled surface and modern color palette. Umbriano pavers are available in random bundles of a large rectangle, a medium square, and a small rectangle. This EasyClean sealed paver is perfect for busy kitchens. You will love the character of this modern paver and the way the randomly dispersed granite particles catch the light.


For a naturalistic look, look no further than pavers inspired by flagstone. Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock would give your outdoor kitchen the warmth of flagstone without the hassle. The 21¼” x 35½” XL size really shows off the beauty of the paver. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in several gorgeous blended colors: Almond Grove, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany—these choices will match any decorating style! For an authentic bluestone look, you could have two colors (Steel Mountain and Fossil) or three colors (Steel Mountain, Fossil, and New York Blend) blended onsite.


Many people love the natural texture of flagstone, but want a smoother surface to walk on. Beacon Hill Smooth pavers deliver—they offer the perfect combination of the character of natural flagstone with the smooth, non-slip texture of a modern paver. Enjoy the rich blended colors underfoot: Almond Grove, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany. The XL unit (21¼” x 35½”) will help visually open up an outdoor kitchen due to fewer joint lines.


For more design ideas and layouts using large format pavers in outdoor kitchens, contact your Unilock Authorized Contractor or get inspired on the Unilock Dream page.


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