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Should You Choose Natural Stone or Pavers for a Sprawling Patio in Columbia, MD?


The title image features a Natural Stone patio.


Some people may think that small patios present more design challenges than a large patio. The truth is, the challenges are different while material choices matter for both cases. If you have a large patio, the main consideration may be making the space look comfortable. Should you choose natural stone or pavers for a sprawling patio in Columbia, MD? Here’s what you need to know.


Ultimately the decision comes down to whether you want to fully embrace the expansive nature of your patio and go for a bold and sophisticated feel, or whether you would prefer to make your patio feel more intimate. 


Should You Choose Natural Stone?

Natural stone could be the ideal choice for patios where you want to showcase the individual characteristics of the stone. Another consideration is that Unilock natural stone slabs are large format, with the smallest being 12”x24” and the largest coming in at 24”x36”. This will add to the expansive feeling on your patio. The result will be a patio that’s rich in character while embracing the grandeur of the space.


Unilock premium Sandstone comes in three colors. The lovely soft Stone Cliff Grey features subtle variation in color that could be ideal for a Cape Cod style home, or a more dramatic traditional home where you want the home to take center stage. Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast are warmer colors; Indian Coast in particular has more dramatic veining, so your choice could depend on how bold you want your space to look.


Unilock premium Limestone features more subtle patterning in its three grey tones. Use Hearthstone or Winter Mist for a large patio that has direct sun exposure (the darker and more dramatic Black River could become uncomfortably hot on bare feet in sunny areas, although it could be a wonderful choice for more shaded settings). Limestone would add sophistication to your patio, and the character of each stone will only grow more beautiful with time.


Should You Choose Pavers?

Patio pavers could be the ideal solution if you want to add visual texture to your patio to make it feel more intimate. 


The look of brick could create a traditional setting—bricks have been used on grand plazas for many centuries, and their timeless appeal is undeniable. Interesting patterns such as herringbone or basket weave—or more complex patterns such as fans—keep the eye engaged in the space. 


Unilock features a number of brick pavers that could be ideal for a sprawling patio. Town Hall pavers are relatively substantially sized, and they can be installed on a permeable base, which will keep your patio drier in any weather.  


On a smaller scale, Copthorne pavers (which are inspired by timeworn European street pavers) will give your patio a historical feel. And Mattoni pavers with their distressed finish will give you the wonderful look of brick without the relatively shiny finish normally associated with brick-like pavers.

If you admire the look of natural flagstone or bluestone,
Richcliff pavers deliver. To make a large patio even more interesting, consider blending two or even all three of the available colors randomly onsite to achieve the look of natural stone in a more modestly sized paver that gives you plenty of laying pattern choices.


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