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Revitalize Your Ashland, VA, Front Yard With Bold Driveway Pavers


The title image features Courtstone driveway pavers and an Umbriano walkway.



If your Ashland, VA, driveway is in need of replacing and the attractiveness of your front yard is suffering because of it, consider pavers as a way to add character and bring a fresh look to your home. Driveway pavers are durable and easy to care for. Plus, a new paver surface is an opportunity for expressing your personal style preferences.



Relaxed and Welcoming

Adding color and texture can offer a warm and relaxed welcome. Flagstone-inspired pavers could be a great option for a driveway with personality. Richcliff pavers from Unilock can give your driveway the look of bluestone, especially if you blend two or all three of the available colors randomly on-site (Pebble Taupe, Smoke Shale, and Dawn Mist). In fact, blending colors will ensure a completely unique and bold aesthetic. This look can be carried through to the walkway, patio, and pool deck as well.


Brussels Block pavers would give your driveway the easygoing look of tumbled quarry stone. It’s a look that pairs well with many architectural styles and can be carried through to other outdoor living spaces as well. For a bold look, choose a lighter color and accent it with a darker Copthorne (cobblestone) or Town Hall (brick) paver.




Old-World Charm

For a driveway reminiscent of old-world cobblestones, look no further than the softly timeworn sheen of Courtstone pavers. Accent the look with a bold border of Series pavers in Golden Tan. Or use Courtstone as an accent for any of the pavers listed here (and you can find more ways to pair Courtstone on the Unilock Dream page).




A Mix of Old and New

Umbriano pavers from Unilock would give your driveway a sleek and modern look inspired by granite. The pavers have a wonderful and unique sheen thanks to real granite particles. Pair Umbriano with Courtstone pavers for a delightfully unexpected mix of old and new. Or select another vintage-inspired paver such as Town Hall (a richly blended brick paver) to create a dramatic border.




Classic Elegance

Town Hall pavers can also be used on the main field of the driveway. For the boldest results with a wonderful richness, you can blend two or three of the available colors on site. Pair Town Hall with a Courtstone border for a refined look. Town Hall pavers can also be installed on a permeable base, which helps rainfall and snowmelt seep into the substrate below, minimizing standing water and runoff. This makes your driveway not only appear bold but it will be impervious to the freeze-thaw cycle (since the surface dries faster).




Modern Chic

Artline pavers can give your driveway an unexpected twist by mixing not only paver sizes but finishes as well. The pavers’ long, clean lines feature random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes, of varying lengths and two widths. As well, two finishes and five colors give you plenty of options for complementing any architectural style and colors.


There’s another paver that allows for mixing finishes for dramatic effect, and this one can also be installed on a permeable base. Eco-Promenade pavers in the Smooth finish could go well with a border and apron of the same paver in the Il Campo Brushed finish. How bold you want to go will determine whether you use the same color for these different finishes or contrasting colors.


As you consider Unilock pavers for your driveway, also give thought to minimizing the need to plow or shovel it by installing a driveway heating system.


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