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Retaining Walls Are Multipurpose: Here’s How Yours Could Be Used for Extra Seating in Stamford, CT

One of the unsung heroes of any landscape is the incredible retaining wall, which has a multitude of functions. Typical uses of a retaining wall are providing support for various aspects of the landscape (holding back soil and preventing erosion), but retaining walls have many decorative and functional uses that can improve your outdoor living in Stamford, CT, as well.

Seating on Top: A Low Seat Wall

Even if your property is perfectly flat, a retaining wall can be incorporated in several ways to offer additional seating.

Regardless of whether a retaining wall is situated on completely flat terrain or a fairly steep slope, it can be used as a low seat wall that’s built with beautiful wall units from Unilock. The distressed face of the Brussels Dimensional System adds the relaxed look of weather-worn quarried stone to your patio. Brussels Dimensional blocks can be ideal for both straight and curved applications, to give you plenty of opportunities to work your plans for the wall around landscape features and create an organic-looking outdoor living space.

A low seat wall around the perimeter of your patio would create a wonderfully intimate space within the patio, offering a sense of shelter from the outside world.

A perimeter seat wall also allows for a more clutter-free space since there’s plenty of overflow seating for your biggest gatherings.

If encircling the entire patio doesn’t appeal to you, you could add a seat wall where it’s needed most—usually, this would be in the vicinity of the outdoor kitchen, so that your guests have a place to sit while a meal is being prepared.

Finish the top with Universal Coping from Unilock for a generously sized place to sit (or to house colorful potted plants or art objects). Pillars also help create a finished look, and define entry points to the patio.

Built-In Seating: Integrating Seating Into a Retaining Wall

For a cozier space, consider integrating seating into the retaining wall itself. This could be a good solution for taller retaining walls, whether they are straight or rounded. The height of the wall behind integrated seating should be high enough to rest against comfortably.

A retaining wall with built-in seating can provide shelter from chilly winds and keep the warmth of the fire in the enclosed space. Imagine a cozy circular fire pit and retaining wall seating area combination that will give your friends and family a place to gather, laugh, and share stories. A sunken fire pit area—reminiscent of a 1960s “conversation pit” creates a dramatic focal point that also helps hold in the warmth on chilly days.

A Modern Approach

The sleek, linear shapes of Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock could be the ideal choice for a retaining wall with modern flair. Available in a cool Limestone or a warmer Almond Grove, these wall blocks give your outdoor living space a chic and sophisticated look. Lineo Dimensional Stone is a top choice for landscape designs calling for geometric shapes and sleek textures.

Whether you create a seat wall or seating that’s integrated into a taller retaining wall, you could pair Lineo Dimensional Stone with a square or rectangular fire pit for a cohesive appearance.


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