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Planning a Patio Redesign in Warwick, NY? Consider These 6 Patio Pavers


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If a patio redesign is in the future for your Warwick, NY, home, you’ll want to start considering your options for patio pavers. Planning a patio renovation is a fun process, although choosing pavers can be a tad overwhelming since there are so many wonderful options. In this post, we’ll help you narrow your choices to pavers that are just right for you.


Large Patios

Large patios give you plenty of space to spread out and enjoy an uncrowded outdoor living experience. However, the right choice of pavers will help give you the look you’re after: spacious and grand, or intimate and relaxed (or something in between).


Large-format pavers such as Skyline pavers in two neutral colors (Medium Grey or Chamois) make for an expansive look thanks to fewer joint lines. These pavers give your large patio an elegant and modern flair that can be extended to surround a pool. The smooth yet non-slip surface can also be special ordered with EasyClean stain resistance to help minimize upkeep.


Small pavers such as Copthorne pavers bring the classic look of clay brick to your outdoor space but in a hard-wearing concrete paver. The earthy colors and small size help make a large space feel more intimate.


Choose lighter-colored pavers if you want the space to appear even larger, and darker colors if you want it to appear more intimate.




Small Patios

You don’t have to use small pavers in a small space. In fact, using large pavers can give the illusion of a larger space. Or, you can embrace the size and make it more intimate using small pavers. Two wonderful examples from Unilock include Arcana and Mattoni.


Arcana pavers are 24” square pavers with a fresh and modern silky matte finish and incredible depth of character thanks to randomly dispersed granite, quartz, and marble particles. Arcana pavers can be laid corner-to-corner for a sleek look, or in a running bond for a more dynamic appearance.


Mattoni pavers are inspired by Roman brick pavers, and their slender shape and antiqued finish bring a classic yet modern appeal to your patio. Mattoni pavers are wonderful in curved laying patterns or the classic herringbone pattern, which will give your small patio rich texture and visual interest.


In small patios, choose colors that closely harmonize with the surroundings for a more spacious appearance. A big contrast makes the eye stop abruptly at the transition between the patio and the landscape, which can make the patio feel even smaller.



Somewhere in the Middle

Choosing patio paver sizes and colors that are somewhere in the middle of the extremes can be the best option if your patio is neither large nor petite.


Midsize pavers are the most relaxed in terms of laying patterns. They are the perfect middle ground between formal and relaxed, and so they’re suitable for virtually any design aesthetic. Mid-toned colors tend to blend more seamlessly into any landscaping, whether it’s heavily treed or wide open.


Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers bring a richness of texture and realistic earthy flagstone colors to any patio. These pavers are available in a random bundle of several shapes/sizes for an easygoing pattern.

Learn more about the many styles of Unilock patio pavers on our Learn and Plan page, and look forward to a gorgeous new outdoor living space just in time for summer fun.


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