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Plan for the Best Summer This Year: 3 Landscape Design Ideas for 2022 in Danbury, CT

The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth and Town Hall pavers, and the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System(https://unilock-ho-stg-new.itwcorp2.info/product/u-cara-new-york/).

If the cold of winter has you dreaming about summer backyard fun, now could be the perfect time to start planning your personal retreat in Danbury, CT. To inspire your next project, plan for the best summer yet by considering these landscape design ideas for 2022.

1. An Expanded Outdoor Living Space

Since most of your outdoor living is likely done on the patio, it makes sense to make sure it’s spacious enough to comfortably house your most important activities. Many typical patios are fairly small—while a well-designed patio can be quite cozy, others can cause people to practically trip over one another. The key elements of a well-thought-out patio are: food (an outdoor kitchen), fire (a cozy spot to gather in), and shelter (a pavilion or a pergola).

The outdoor kitchen is the “heart of the home,” and this busy space should ideally be located where traffic flow to and from the cooking/dining area is unrestricted. Other quieter areas such as a fireside lounge area could be located on the perimeter of the patio, out of the main flow of traffic.

Choosing the right patio pavers and wall units is key to making these three elements work together harmoniously.

For example, you could create a stunning patio using the following pavers and wall units.

You could use Beacon Hill Smooth pavers for your patio surface. These flagstone-inspired pavers have, as the name implies, a smooth yet non-slip surface, as well as contemporary colors that pair well with modern homes. These larger format pavers help create a patio that looks spacious and uncluttered.

On the walls of your outdoor kitchen and fire feature (as well as retaining walls or a water feature), you could use the Brussels Dimensional System. The timeworn look of weathered quarry stone could be a great visual juxtaposition to the smooth pavers underfoot.

The combination of Beacon Hill Smooth in Almond Grove and Brussels Dimensional Stone in Almond Grove creates a visual unity but one with varied textures for interest. This color also works wonderfully with a redwood pergola or pavilion, and you could integrate the shelter structure into the design even better by supporting it with pillars clad in Brussels Dimensional Stone.

2. A Zen Pool Deck

We typically think of pools as being vibrant centers of activity. However, if you don’t have young kids and just prefer a more zen-like atmosphere, you can achieve wonderful serenity at the poolside by choosing pavers that offer up a sense of calm.

The key is to relax the eye by using pavers without much texture or busy patterns. This means large format pavers in soothing neutral colors that blend beautifully into the landscaping.

For a soothing zen spa-like feel, you could choose Beacon Hill Smooth pavers in Steel Mountain underfoot, and Brussels Dimensional Stone in Limestone for the vertical elements such as raised masonry planters filled with monochromatic greenery.

3. Natural Stone Surfaces

If you want the undeniable character of natural stone, you could replace the Beacon Hill Smooth pavers with premium natural Sandstone from Unilock. Choose Autumn Harvest for a less patterned look, or the vibrant Indian Coast for a more dynamic look alongside Brussels Dimensional Stone in Almond Grove.

For the zen pool area, you could use premium natural Limestone from Unilock. The gorgeous neutral Hearthstone color would bring a touch of sophistication to your outdoor living space, and works beautifully with the rough-textured Brussels Dimensional Stone in Limestone.



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