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Picking an Aesthetic for Your Retaining Wall and How U-Cara Makes It Easier in Medford Lakes, NJ

Picking an Aesthetic for Your Retaining Wall and How U-Cara Makes It Easier in Medford Lakes, NJ

The title image features the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System and Umbriano pavers.


Turning a retaining wall from a strictly utilitarian feature into a functional work of art looks like an easy feat when you choose the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock. No other wall system lets you create one-of-a-kind vertical elements using just one product. Whatever your design style, here’s your guide to picking an aesthetic for your new retaining wall and how U-Cara makes it easier in Medford Lakes, NJ.


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What’s Special About the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System?

This groundbreaking wall system is the recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award thanks to its unique engineering and design approach. U-Cara integrates two separate components to ensure a wall or other vertical element that is structurally strong, easy to install, and offers unparalleled design flexibility.


With other wall systems, your choices are limited to rustic or modern, and substitutions such as an accent band may require combining different products. These may or may not be a perfect color complement. Or you can simplify your choices by choosing U-Cara.


The Sure Track Backer Blocks provide the structure for your retaining wall, whether the wall is single- or double-sided. On top of the Sure Track Backer Blocks, you can unleash your creativity by choosing to mix and match four different finishes and 11 colors in just one product line. This is important because you’re assured that each unit will fit together perfectly.


First, pick your aesthetic. Sometimes, you may find that your design choices don’t fit into a particular style and that’s okay—with U-Cara, you can mix styles to arrive at exactly the one you want. Here are some examples:


Create elegant outdoor kitchens, grill stations, retaining walls, and water features using the Smooth or Umbriano finishes as the primary wall material. For a sleek industrial look, stick to these smooth finishes. But if you want to add visual interest or a rustic touch, you can accent the smooth fascia panels with the Pitched fascia panels.


Or flip it around and use the Pitched fascia panels for the main part of the vertical element, and create interesting accents using the smoother panels. This can create a much heavier and robust look that’s wonderful next to large homes (as a way to balance them).


Colors matter, too. If your design aesthetic is cool and modern, use Pitched panels in Fossil or Steel Mountain; Series Exposed panels in Black Granite, Peppered Granite, or Onyx Black; Smooth panels in Steel Mountain; and Umbriano Mottled panels in French Grey or Winter Marvel. If your aesthetic is warm and natural, use Pitched in Bavarian or Fossil; Series Exposed in Black Granite; Smooth panels in Opal Blend; or Umbriano Mottled panels in Summer Wheat.


How you finish the wall will tie the whole look together. To achieve a relaxed look, use the pitched-edge Ledgestone coping (Buff for a warm tone, or Grey for a cool tone). To achieve a more elegant look, use Universal Coping in Light Grey. Either way, you can complement or contrast the appearance of your wall with the coping you choose.


The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is designed to complement various Unilock pavers, coping, and steps for a unified look throughout your hardscape. This means your retaining wall will fit perfectly in with your design aesthetic.


Get inspired on the ways you can use retaining walls throughout your landscape in the Unilock Dream page.


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