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Perfect Patio Pavers and Designs for Your Landscape

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and an embodiment of your personal flair, and as such should be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you aim to create a vibrant party spot, relaxing retreat or cozy family room, there is an endless array of materials and design techniques available to you. Giving your patio paver selection some careful thought is essential to creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Consider the following design techniques and Unilock pavers for a uniquely stunning patio.

Contemporary creations

Using large format pavers to shape your patio creates a contemporary, sophisticated design while smaller pavers tend to create more informal, rustic surfaces. The geometry, clean lines and smooth surface textures of Unilock’s Umbriano pavers help to achieve an essence of modern elegance. Allowing generous greenery to frame your sleek Umbriano patio can result in a pleasant contrast between uniformity and soft, natural shapes. Large format pavers also serve to make a space seem more spacious as there are fewer jointing lines to visually restrict the area.

Selecting a color scheme

There are no rules when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your patio. Your outdoor living space can be simplified by neutral tones or accentuated by vibrant pops of color. The subdued, neutral colors found in nature have a wonderfully soothing impact on modern patios and can make a space seem more spacious. Earthy tones prevent an open space from having a cold, formal atmosphere. Planning your color scheme around your existing landscape will ensure that your patio blends into the rest of your property. A brick-red home looks stunning when paired with a warm-colored patio while white homes can be accentuated by cooler colors.

Courtstone pavers

The classic European look of Courtstone pavers can add a charming, time-worn touch to any patio. Courtstone pavers are popular candidates for curved, flowing patios within abundantly green landscapes as their irregular surfaces complement natural settings. The great variety of available shades promise to complement an equally great variety of landscape designs. Different color variations can also be paired with different shades of jointing sand, from a common shade that is echoed throughout the landscape to a color that contrasts the cobblestones.

Natural stone

The various textures and color gradients within natural stone pair well with plant life. Relatively subdued natural stone allows the vibrant greens and browns within surrounding plants to stand out. Unilock also offers a range of concrete pavers, such as Beacon Hill Flagstone and Thornbury pavers, that mimic the colors and textures of natural stone, yet retain the unbeatable strength of concrete.

Town Hall pavers

Town Hall pavers can accommodate a wide range of paver patterns and interlocks – from herringbone to basket weave designs. Paver patterns add visual depth and variety to a patio while a system of interlocking pavers serves to strengthen a surface. Town Hall pavers are also individually strong with a strength four times greater than that of poured concrete. Town Hall pavers come in a variety of versatile shades, including rich browns that create striking contrasts against grey, colorless materials. These earthy colors also complement any nearby plant beds by echoing the shade of soil or mulch.

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Borders and banding

Borders are strips of stone used to enclose areas while banding refers to the strips adorning vertical features such as low walls. Borders and banding can be designed to match one another, bringing about a greater sense of completeness in your patio. The color of your borders can also be customized to complement or contrast the rest of your patio stone and the exterior of your house. In addition to dividing different outdoor rooms, borders also serve as visual relief from large expanses of identical stone.

Richcliff pavers

Richcliff pavers have a non-slip surface and smooth Micro-bevel Edge that creates pedestrian-friendly surfaces and excellent poolside patios. The realistic surface textures of these pavers are cast from real natural stone using Unilock’s Reala Surface Technology. Hundreds of different moulds are used to cast fine, authentic textures that result in a natural, spontaneous appearance. Richcliff pavers bear the timeless beauty of weathered flagstone and are guaranteed to last.
Perfect Patio Pavers and Designs for a Somers, NY Landscape


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