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Paving and Framing Quaint Walkways With Concrete Pavers and Natural Stones in Brewster, NY

Paving and Framing Quaint Walkways With Concrete Pavers and Natural Stones in Brewster, NY

The title image features Copthorne concrete pavers and Rivercrest Wall.


Contemporary homes are sometimes missing the charm and warmth we associate with Victorian or other traditional building styles. Adding a welcoming walkway can transport you back in time to when every home had a front porch and the pace of life was slower, craftsmanship was evident, and garages didn’t dominate a home’s facade. A walkway can do so much to add warmth to your home. Here are some tips for paving and framing quaint walkways with concrete pavers and natural stones in Brewster, NY.


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Most people consider the charming yet timeless look to mean pure clay brick, natural stone slabs such as bluestone, or hand-cut cobblestones. You can certainly use these materials if you are willing to be limited in colors and put up with the shortcomings of brick and bluestone, which include slippery surfaces when wet, and a shorter lifespan due to the materials’ permeability and susceptibility to the freeze-thaw cycle.


Today, you have expanded choices thanks to concrete pavers that mimic the look of clay pavers, natural stone, and cobblestones but give you additional color, size, and finish options so that your walkway bridges the old and new and adds personality to your outdoor space.


Design Ideas Using Concrete Pavers and Natural Stone

Cobblestones are a timeless material for roads, plazas, and walkways. Because of their small size, cobblestone-like pavers are extremely durable and can withstand heavy loads (you can use Courtstone pavers by Unilock on walkways and driveways). They pair well with brick-style pavers as borders, or you can use elongated plank-style concrete pavers such as Artline to create dramatic borders. Courtstone pavers are available in large or small rectangles and small squares, and are available in wonderful colors that will add charm to your landscape: Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, and Pebble Taupe.


Today’s brick walkways can feel both historic and modern. You aren’t stuck with having to choose just “brick red” anymore, or just one size.


Mattoni pavers from Unilock are long and lean, and feature warm colors including the beautifully distressed Sable, which pairs exceptionally well with Courtstone pavers in Pebble Taupe or Belgian Blue. Mattoni can be used to create charming herringbone walkways. For a more sophisticated walkway, Dark Charcoal Mattoni pavers also make for incredible accents when paired with Unilock Natural Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey.


Copthorne from Unilock is another brick-style concrete paver that is ideal for quaint walkways with a historic appeal. You will love the realistic weathered brick texture and rich colors (Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Steel Blue, Basalt, and Burnt Clay). Designers will often blend three colors onsite in the main field of the walkway, and create dramatic accents using the unique Steel Blue or Basalt colors.


Copthorne pavers beautifully frame Unilock premium natural stone. For example, pair Limestone in Winter Mist with Copthorne banding and accents in Steel Blue or Burnt Clay. Copthorne is also often used in vertical features such as seat walls and pillars, to tie your charming new walkway in with the rest of your hardscapes.


Limestone or Sandstone can also be framed using Courtstone pavers. Create a stunning walkway with charm using 24” square slabs of natural stone set in a diamond pattern, with Courtstone pavers filling in the spaces between the slabs and as a border on the outside.

Get inspired on the many ways you can achieve a quaint walkway on the Unilock Dream page.


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