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Paving a Quaint Walkway With Accents Like Stones and Groundcover in New Paltz, NY

Paving a Quaint Walkway With Accents Like Stones and Groundcover in New Paltz, NY

The title image features Courtstone walkway pavers.


In our modern, fast-paced world, it’s sometimes nice to be reminded of simpler times when the pace of life wasn’t so hectic, and everyone took great pride in craftsmanship. One way to achieve this feeling at home is in the hardscapes that surround your house. Here are our tips for paving a quaint walkway with accents like stones and groundcover in New Paltz, NY.


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Even an ultra-modern home or a contemporary suburban home will look more homey and welcoming with a walkway made of pavers that give you the timeless look of brick, natural stone slabs, or cobblestones.


Design Ideas

Brick walkways are perhaps the most quintessentially historic. A running bond pattern set in the direction of travel lends itself to creating a wonderfully curved narrow walkway that encourages you to slow down and savor the beauty of the landscape, instead of rushing to your destination. The classic herringbone pattern gives your walkway a more textured and formal look. The basketweave pattern can be ideal for wider walkways or entryways. The warm color of brick could be beautifully offset with groundcovers such as creeping thyme or sedum, which do well in sunny areas, or moss to enhance a walkway in shady settings.


Unilock offers several brick style pavers that give you a range of colors if you want something more unusual than the classic “brick red.”


Copthorne pavers from Unilock are ideal for walkways where a timeworn, historic beauty is desired. These pavers are cast using Reala Technology for an authentic weathered brick surface, and Ultima Concrete Technology delivers strength that’s durable enough for any residential application including driveways. Choose from Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Steel Blue, Basalt, and Burnt Clay. You can also have several colors mixed onsite to achieve a more varied and visually stunning look (for example, Burgundy Red, Steel Blue, and Burnt Clay).


Mattoni pavers from Unilock are longer and narrower than Copthorne pavers. This gives them a decidedly more modern look. Their slender elongated shape makes for gorgeous herringbone surfaces, and the Cocoa Brown and Sable colors can be accented with stunning effect using the Dark Charcoal color.


Pairing Ideas

Natural stone slabs make for a charming walkway with personality. Unilock Sandstone gives your walkway a warm feel reminiscent of a seaside cottage, and Unilock Limestone blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape. Create a relaxed beachy look by using pebbles between Unilock Sandstone slabs; and a rustic woodsy look by planting moss, grass, or low groundcovers between Limestone slabs.


You can also use stone slabs between bricks to create an absolutely stunning walkway. For example, 24” square Limestone slabs in Hearthstone set in a diamond pattern (with the edges aligned in the direction of travel) surrounded by Steel Blue Copthorne pavers in a running bond pattern arranged in the direction of travel, will make for an unforgettable impression at your entry.


Cobblestones are another way to use old-world materials to create charming walkways. Courtstone pavers by Unilock can be used as the main field, with a border of brick; or they can be used as borders for brick or natural stone slabs. These versatile pavers are available in large rectangles perfect for driveways; small rectangles that make exceptional borders; and the classic square cobblestone shape, for walkways or accents. Choose from Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, Basalt, or Belgian Blue. All of these colors as well as the rustic hand-hewn texture helps integrate your walkway into natural surroundings.


Get inspired on the many ways you can achieve a quaint walkway on the Unilock Dream page.

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