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Before you choose Natural Stone for your Outdoor Fireplace…

Natural stone is a versatile material that can create both modern and traditional structures in vibrant hues and with pleasant textures. Advancements in concrete retaining wall systems have rendered natural stone choices like fieldstone a second option to many, however, as they can be more durable, cost-effective, and easier to install. Unilock offers a selection of high-quality retaining wall systems that serve as a stylish substitute to fieldstone, contributing to the same aesthetic appeal with all the additional benefits of Unilock’s concrete manufacturing technologies.

Brussels Dimensional System

This addition to the Brussels Dimensional Stone product line is incredibly versatile, offering multi-sized components for the construction of a wide variety of structures including curved walls, kitchen islands, and steps. This pleasantly weathered material is the constituent of Unilock’s preassembled Sunset Fire pit which promises the easy installation of a charming gathering spot. This Brussels Dimensional Stone fire pit comes in an attractive selection of shades, from the earthy tones of Almond Grove to the intriguing blue hues in the Sierra variation. Create a contemporary Sierra fire pit by adding a dark Copthorne accent in Burnt Clay and muted Brussels Fullnose coping. These precision cast materials are perfect for use in the design and construction of any customized outdoor fireplace project.
Unilock also supplies a range of prebuilt outdoor fireplaces. One constructed from similar materials is the classic and tasteful Tuscany design. The same Brussels Dimensional Stone and Copthorne accents carry its tall, majestic frame, making it an ideal candidate for an intimate patio trimmed in rich earthy tones.

Rivercrest Wall

This retaining wall system matches the look of stacked fieldstone structures that have been used to construct garden walls for centuries. Rivercrest walls retain the character and versatility of natural stone while their ultra-realistic fieldstone surface textures are obtained using Unilock’s Reala Surface Technology. Preassembled Rivercrest fire pits are available in the sunny tones of Buff and the subtle ashy hues of Coastal Slate and can be the perfect addition to your existing patio or patio designs.
Contemporary geometric fire tables can be constructed using Rivercrest Wall and Ledgestone coping, offering intriguing evening appeal to your entertainment area or family patio. Rivercrest Wall is also an attractive option for custom fireplaces, allowing for a great variation of designs and structural stability for unique configurations.

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Alternatively, a prebuilt outdoor fireplace from Unilock can be used as a fast and convenient method for adding the benefits of an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor spaces and achieving the characterful aesthetic of Rivercrest Wall’s stacked look. Unilock’s range of prebuilt fireplaces includes the Bella, constructed from Rivercrest Wall in a stylish, minimalist design – the perfect addition to homes of both modern and traditional stylistic themes.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

This concrete constituent of many garden walls and pillars is extremely versatile and can be the ideal candidate for your outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Its sleek lines and smooth surface texture add a modern touch to any hardscape design and can create the perfect low profile fireplace or Zen-style focal point.

With the color variations of Lineo Dimensional Stone including Granite Blend and Midnight Coal, offering the aesthetic of gray and black granite respectively, Sandstone providing warmth and Sierra presenting the gentle color gradations of cut flagstone, this range is ideal for matching any outdoor color scheme.
The Ventana prebuilt fireplace is constructed using Lineo Dimensional Stone in a geometric design that effectively separates different outdoor rooms in addition to providing ambience to a contemporary patio. This fireplace design can also be brought to life using Rivercrest Wall to create a more unrefined focal point that fits perfectly into an abundantly natural landscape.
Lineo Dimensional Stone is also the main constituent of Unilock’s Moda fireplace, embellished with a dark Series 3000 accent that makes a satisfying impact when placed in contrast with the lighter tones of Lineo’s Granite Blend color variation.

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