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Natural stone for your landscape design and patio may never be the same

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From slate to granite to sandstone, quarried natural stone has been prized by contractors, designers, and homeowners around the world for hundreds of years due to its timeless beauty, versatility, and durability. Ancient Egyptians employed the supple richness of limestone to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza; St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican features the pristine cleanliness of marble; and the enduring bluestone foundations of many 18th century homes that were burned during the Civil War still survive today. Natural Stone by Unilock preserves the age-old tradition of these invaluable hardscaping materials, offering a breathtaking selection of colors and surface treatments to match any landscape or patio design. With decades of experience and commitment to innovation, Unilock has elevated the standard for what natural stone can and should be. With Natural Stone by Unilock, your landscape design and patio will never be the same.
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Embrace Nature’s Strength

When we think of natural stone, we often picture strong, sturdy mountains or the deep layers of earth from which it comes. So, it is fitting that such materials have historically been used in structures built to stand the test of time. Still, many natural stone types have numerous drawbacks when used in outdoor settings due to inadequate porosity, freeze-thaw durability, and load-bearing capacity. Most commonly used varieties, such as sandstone or bluestone, have high water absorption, leaving them susceptible to frustrating stains, mold growth, warping, and changes in color over time. Robust variations of travertine, the same material used to construct the Roman Colosseum, are prone to crack under freezing conditions. Even slate, a popular choice due to its durability and weather-resistant capabilities, will break under heavy pressure, especially over long-term use.
Natural Stone by Unilock revolutionizes the strength and durability of nature’s bounty with its incredibly low water absorption, resistance to freeze-thaw deterioration, and flexural strength. In fact, unbiased, independent lab testing has confirmed that high grade, premium quality natural stone from Unilock tops other quarried varieties in these qualities. What does this mean for your landscape and patio design? Your home’s hardscaping will remain in beautiful condition for years to come. With natural stone offerings from Unilock, rest assured that any patio or landscape design, rustic or sleek, antique or contemporary, will not be hindered by time nor the elements. Who knows, they may even outlast the Greek Parthenon.
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Go Beyond Mediocrity

With its classic, timeless quality and natural exuberance, it’s no wonder stone hardscaping is a favorite among landscape designers. Sourced from deep within the earth, natural stone comes in a vast array of colors and textures. However, the sheer scope and variety of these materials has presented challenges for manufacturers who seek to utilize the unique design potential of natural stone while ensuring consistency and quality. Harvesting stone is an extremely arduous process that requires precision and skill. Since natural stone can take on completely different looks depending on how it is removed from the earth, strict attention must be paid to the coloration and vein within each individual quarry. Only exceptional quarry managers can uniformly capture and safeguard natural stone’s inherent beauty to last well after processing.
Natural Stone by Unilock is selected, quarried, and processed according to these high standards. Our skilled and trained workers are equipped with the most advanced stone processing equipment to date, producing meticulously cut and calibrated products augmented by advanced surface treatments. Offering not only a full range of colors at your disposal, Unilock natural stone also brings greater control over consistency and quality than with other stone products. Moreover, through our global partnerships, Unilock has secured dependable reserves and availability, meaning repairs or landscape renovations will never produce design inconsistency. In fact, we’re so confident about this, we’ve extended our innovative Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee to our Natural Stone products.
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Harness a Conscious Global Network

A large portion of the stone that enhances our backyards comes from all over the world. In fact, the shipping process is quite impressive, involving mammoth cranes, impeccable packing methods, and unimaginably large ships which lug finished stone products halfway across the world. Behind the grandeur of these endeavors, however, lurks the dark reality that thousands of tons of stone come from quarries that may rely on unsafe labor conditions.
When you choose premium Natural Stone products, you support ethical trading. Look for the Fairstone logo which signifies strict adherence to the Ethical Trading Initiative and is assurance that your hardscaping does not support unsafe working conditions. We respect the hard work and dedication of skilled workers by ensuring the products of their labor are carefully packaged, inspected, and professionally shipped to arrive to your project site in pristine condition. Bring the aesthetic beauty of India, Asia, and Europe to your outdoor space while supporting ethical trading with Natural Stone by Unilock.
Natural Stone from Unilock combines the endearing warmth of stone with unprecedented durability, steadfast reliability, innovative design concepts, and high ethical standards to bring you a truly revolutionary product. With Natural Stone by Unilock, your landscape design, patio, and outdoor living spaces will never be the same.
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