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Natural Stone Alternatives for Contemporary Patios with Warmth

Blending the sharp edges, neutral shades and indoor-style luxury of modern patio designs with the warm textures and colors of natural stone makes for a stunning combination. Experimenting with various aesthetic styles can also be the thing that sets your patio design apart from the rest, granting it that unique flair that leaves guests with a lasting impression of the space. Here are a few modern patios that have incorporated natural stone in tasteful ways. Consider taking a few pointers for your renovation.

Sophisticated Rivercrest retaining walls

This patio has a beautiful smoky color palette and incorporates a variety of different textures for a captivating design. The smooth pavers and plush upholstery are contrasted by the irregular, natural textures of Rivercrest Wall and Ledgestone coping. Rivercrest Wall offers the unique beauty of stacked flagstone, while retaining the unbeatable durability of concrete. The Coastal Slate color variation contrasts the vibrant greens of nearby plants and the warm brown tones of the wooden pergola. Bold color contrasts such as these are a distinguishing factor of many contemporary designs.

Elegant al fresco dining

Outdoor dining is becoming increasingly luxurious, with fully-decked out kitchens, comfortable dining chairs and elaborately decorated tables – imitating indoor living to a greater extent every year. In partnership with the luxurious leaps made by the furniture and appliances in these spaces, their paved foundations are becoming increasingly elegant as well. Consider utilizing textured, yet durable, concrete pavers that mimic the luxury of natural stone and can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from your patio floor to your retaining walls. Examples include Treo, Beacon Hill Flagstone, and Richcliff pavers from Unilock.

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Veneering your fireplace for both physical and visual warmth

This luxury patio boasts upholstered wicker chairs and footstools, as well as a sophisticated dining area and outdoor kitchen. The clear focal point of the space, however, is the towering fireplace veneered with natural stone. The irregularly shaped stones, in all their different shades, add interest to the fire feature and serve to draw attention. The neutral shades within the fireplace and patio pavers make the space seem more calming and welcoming, while accentuating the vibrant greens of the surrounding lawns. Such a color palette is also very versatile and can facilitate a number of different furniture arrangements, should your tastes change. Although the Olde Greenwich pavers utilized here aren’t available in New York, Unilock Hollandstone pavers in the Almond Grove color variation can be used to achieve a similar color scheme.

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Creating a cohesive design

These irregular concrete pavers mimic the rugged nature of natural stone and are excellent substitutes at a fraction of the price. Their sandy hues reflect that of the plush sofa situated beside the fireplace. This color correlation serves to visually tie the outdoor room together and results in a design that is well put-together. The adjacent fireplace, constructed using Lineo Dimensional Stone, is elongated and close to the ground, boasting a unique and creative design. Geometric fire pits with sharp edges are often incorporated into contemporary designs.

Stylish natural stone substitutes for poolside luxury

This poolside area has been paved using Unilock Thornbury pavers in the New York Blend color variation. These pavers are highly durable and are able to withstand pool chemicals as well as exposure to the elements. Their textures grant them a pleasing texture that is especially kind to bare feet and adds visual interest to the surface. Their deep brown hues allow the vibrant water to ‘pop’ while the color and texture of the pavers contribute a tropical element to the space. The use of a lighter jointing material between pavers creates a subtle contrast and echoes the stark white diving board nearby.

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Natural stone substitutes for tranquil bliss

Natural stone is an excellent paver choice for your own personal place of relaxation. The subdued, neutral shades and organic textures within these stones and renowned for adding a tranquil element to any outdoor space. Unilock Bristol Valley pavers are a concrete substitute for natural stone bearing the same pleasing colors and textures. This lakeside patio utilizes the New York Blend color variation, which is a blend of subtle blues and greys. These pavers can also be sourced in a variety of sizes to enable you to create a seemingly random paver pattern and add interest to the patio surface.
Natural Stone Alternatives for Contemporary Patios with Warmth


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