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Modern, Sleek Paver Choices You May Want for Your New Landscape Design Project in Paterson, NJ


The title image features Umbriano pavers.



Modern landscape designs could be the perfect antidote to stressful, fast-paced lifestyles. Clean lines, simple styling, minimal distractions, and soothing colors could all contribute to an outdoor living space that’s just right for unplugging and relaxing. If you’re upgrading your patio, here are some modern, sleek paver choices you may want for your new landscape design project in Paterson, NJ.


Before choosing patio pavers, it’s worth noting what exactly is meant by the term “modern.” Modern design is very clean and simple. It brings attention to the unique characteristics of each paver and other materials used in the space. Rather than many competing colors and ornamental details, the focus is on a visually expansive space free of busy-ness. Textures are often smooth, but you can achieve a spectacular result by using contrasting textures.


Umbriano Patio Pavers


Umbriano pavers from Unilock bring a natural granite-inspired look to your outdoor living space. The look is sophisticated yet rich, with a uniquely mottled surface that incorporates real granite particles and color, and results in a completely unique paver. Umbriano pavers are factory sealed with EasyClean, an integral surface protection from stains that can make it the ideal paver for busy family patios where spills are frequent. This paver looks amazing next to a textured retaining wall such as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System with its variety of fascia combinations. You could make the pavers and wall as contrasting or as complementary as you like.


Artline Patio Pavers


Artline pavers could be the ideal choice from Unilock if you prefer a long, linear look on your patio. This paver is available in a random bundle of seven different rectangular shapes of varying lengths. As well, you could choose from two distinct finishes. This means you could mix and match finishes for an incredibly varied and visually dynamic space, or you could create a more subtle yet modern look by choosing just one finish. Artline pavers are heavy-duty pavers that are also rated for use on driveways.


Artline pavers present a textural contrast to rustic wall units such as Estate Wall. Or you could opt for a more unified sleek look by choosing vertical elements made using Lineo Dimensional Stone.  


Beacon Hill Smooth Patio Pavers


Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock give you the wonderful visual interest of flagstone, yet in a smooth format and a contemporary color palette. Available in a random bundle of two different rectangles and one square, Beacon Hill Smooth pavers offer several laying options, all of which are delightfully random in appearance, for adding a relaxed feel to your outdoor space. 


Beacon Hill Smooth pavers could pair beautifully with a wall system such as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System. The fascia combinations give you plenty of design options for either a completely smooth wall that matches the texture of the pavers, or contrasting textures.


Hex Patio Pavers

The fun and quirky
Hex Paver from Unilock is a paver loaded with personality, but it doesn’t sacrifice practicality. These pavers feature the classic honeycomb shape. You can choose from a variety of finishes, which could be mixed randomly onsite with incredible effect, or you could choose a single finish for a more sophisticated look. Hex pavers can also be used on your driveway, if you want to carry the look throughout your landscape.


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