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Incorporating the Beauty of Natural Stone to a Landscape Design in Greenwich, CT


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Natural stone is mankind’s oldest building material, and it has certainly stood the test of time. Natural stone is not only durable and practical, but it’s also beautiful. If you want to add charm and personality to your Greenwich, CT, landscape design, look no further than premium quality natural stone.



Making the Choice

Why choose natural stone from Unilock? Limestone and Sandstone from Unilock are carefully selected for low water absorption and flexural strength, which helps prevent cracking and flaking due to the freeze-thaw cycle. This ensures a durable surface for your patio, walkways, and pool deck. After all, natural stone has been used for many thousands of years, and structures built with high-quality stone are still standing and in use today. Gain peace of mind when you make the right choice for your landscape design project—you deserve this level of quality.



Natural Stone Patios

Patios are where natural stone really shines, and where it can look its best. One individual stone has a lot of character, but when you combine dozens or more in a large space such as a patio, you can see just how the individual characteristics of each stone become part of an exceptionally beautiful whole. It’s no longer one voice, it’s a chorus, with each stone offering both harmony and individuality to the completed patio. And one thing is certain when you choose natural stone: Your patio will be completely unique!


If you prefer a more subtle variation in tones and patterns, then the finer patterns of Limestone could be the best option for your patio. Limestone lends itself to more formal and sophisticated spaces, but it is anything but plain. Upon close inspection, you can see the amazing yet subtle differences between each stone.


If you prefer more dramatic variations between stone slabs, you could choose Sandstone. The pronounced veining and patterns give depth to the surface. It’s not only a fascinating stone to look at, its texture is non-slip which makes it ideal for busy outdoor spaces, including poolside applications.



Natural Stone Walkways

Add visual appeal to your home’s entry with a natural stone walkway. Natural Stone from Unilock works with any architectural style and offers both the cool sophistication of gray tones or the relaxed warmth of the earth tones. By choosing natural stone for the walkway, you are deciding to turn what could have been a purely utilitarian feature and making it a focal point all its own—an element in your landscape that will need to be admired.



Natural Stone Pool and Spa Decks

Your backyard can become a gorgeous private sanctuary when your pool and spa are anchored into the landscape using natural stone. Do you want the tranquil look of a luxury spa? Do you want to re-create the look of endless beaches? Depending on the color you want as your primary tone, you could choose any Unilock Natural Stone for a long-lasting, unique, and absolutely stunning pool surround.


The color choices offered by Unilock make the stone incredibly versatile throughout your landscape, and the consistent level of quality you can expect from Unilock will ensure your outdoor spaces will be even more beautiful decades from now, as your landscape matures.


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