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How to Select Walkway Pavers That Blend Into the Surrounding Ferndale, MD, Landscape



The title image features Richcliff walkway pavers.


An updated walkway will enhance the visual appeal of your home and make your guests’ welcoming experience more enjoyable. If you are looking to create a walkway that harmonizes with the landscape around your Ferndale, MD, home, here’s how to select walkway pavers that blend into the surrounding landscape.


Materials That Blend In


Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, you can begin by taking cues from nature when choosing the colors and textures for your walkway.


You’ll get the best results by choosing materials that look native, as though they could have been picked from the landscape. Taking a drive around historical homes in the Ferndale, MD, area will give you a good sense of what’s been used in the time before it became more common to import building materials from far away.


With concrete pavers, you will have more color and texture options than with natural stone, and you can choose colors and textures that fit with your style and the surrounding landscape.


Blending Colors for a Natural Look


With natural stone, you’d find variations in color, patterning, veining, and textures. For this reason, if your property features exposed natural stone, you might wonder which walkway pavers would be most complementary. The solution could be to blend several colors of one type of paver to achieve a natural look.


One of the most beautiful pavers that is perfectly suited for a naturalistic landscape is Richcliff from Unilock. This paver features a realistic flagstone look thanks to Reala technology, which takes casts from numerous natural stone surfaces so that you never see a repeating pattern. With this paver, a popular technique for creating an even more authentic flagstone or bluestone look for your walkway is to blend two or three of the available colors randomly on site.


If your landscape is relatively sunny and bright, you could blend Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist. If your landscape is relatively shaded, then consider blending Dawn Mist and Smoke Shale. Either way, you’ll enjoy the ultra-realistic textures of this premier paver, which you can also carry throughout your entire hardscape including your patio, pool surround, and driveway as well as walkways.


Choosing Interesting Patterns


Natural surroundings feature a diversity of patterns as well as colors, and the effects of varying qualities of light, whether it’s the dappled shade under deciduous trees, or the bright expanse of a lawn.


To help walkway pavers blend into the surrounding landscape, you could choose pavers with pronounced patterns such as Granito pavers from Unilock. With Granito pavers, you have an additional choice: textured or smooth. This paver features a boldly mottled finish that is inspired by the rich character-filled patterns found in natural granite. In Granito Textured, choose the cool Notte or the warm Sabia. Or you could opt for the same colors in the smooth finish, which tends to be ideal for more modern walkways.


Another paver with interesting patterns is the Umbriano paver from Unilock, which also features a granite-like surface but with a finer grain than Granito. These sleek, modern style pavers are made with ColorFusion technology, which randomly disperses rich color and real granite particles to achieve a varied pattern in each paver, along with a non-slip texture. As well, Umbriano pavers are sealed with EasyClean, which makes maintenance a breeze.


Visit the Unilock Dream page for design ideas walkway inspiration. You can also visit a Unilock Idea Center to see real examples of your favorite pavers in outdoor settings.


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