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How to select and install Natural Stone for a patio design that pops!

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From contemporary sophistication to a warm, informal look, using natural stone for your patio design is a solid choice. Not only do the unique colors and textures of natural stone bring gorgeous, polished effects to your outdoor living spaces, but natural stone can also provide much needed design accents that instantly revitalize any landscape.
With a quite a few variations and styles of natural stone available, it’s a good idea to note the importance of choosing a reliable product for your patio. While traditionally quarried natural stone varieties such as Pennsylvania Bluestone and Irregular Flagstone are very popular and look beautiful once installed by a trained professional, the process of selecting and sourcing flagstone can be a bit troublesome. With inconsistent thicknesses, colors, and quality, homeowners and contractors alike often struggle to know exactly what kind of flagstone or bluestone they are ultimately going to receive for their project.
That’s where Natural Stone by Unilock comes in. With a lifetime guarantee, consistent tolerances for thickness and dimensions, quality packaging, and consistent sourcing, Unilock is offering homeowners and contractors a revolutionary solution for the ultimate solution in style and function for every patio design. Let’s have a look at the basic installation of Unilock Natural Stone. While this method may also apply to installing flagstone patios and bluestone patios, be sure to check with your qualified installer.

how to install flagstone, bluestone, natural stone

Natural Stone Installation

Laying natural stone for a patio is a construction project that should be left to trained professionals. For a free estimate and a guaranteed installation, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor here. Natural Stone by Unilock can be installed a few different ways including both dry-laid and wet-set using mortar. Here, we will look at a high-level view of the traditional dry-laid option as it is perfectly suited for residential foot traffic for patios and walkways.


Using excavation machinery such as skid steers and mini-excavators, excavation for your patio will vary slightly but will usually be around 11”-16” deep in total. This allows for the thickness of the natural stone pavers, base material, and the setting bed. Unilock recommends the use of a geo-textile fabric in between the excavated soil and the gravel base.

Base Preparation:

Unilock recommends using a base of 8”-12” of clear, open-graded gravel for your natural stone patio. This flexible base structure will allow the natural stone to flex slightly with the freeze/thaw process found in the Northeast.

Bedding Layer:

On top of the open-graded gravel base will go a 1.5”-2” layer of open-graded chip stone. The natural stone pavers will be set in this screeded layer of chip to form the finished surface of the patio.

Design Tips that make your patio design POP!

With proper installation in check, it’s important to consider the overall look and feel of your patio design. With Natural Stone from Unilock, you have many choices in color, texture, and size to choose, making it possible to bring to life any style your home demands. Here are a few tips to bring your patio design to the next level.

  • Try matching the natural stone you select with other materials such as hardwood or concrete pavers for a clean, yet bold look. When an outdoor space utilizes only one finish material, it can tend to end up a bit flat.
  • Carefully consider the sizes and shapes of the natural stone you use. With sizes ranging all the up to 24”x36”, mix and match different 3 or 4 sizes for a random look reminiscent of traditional Pennsylvania Bluestone patios, or keep it clean and sophisticated with only one size—something impactful like all 24”x24” natural stone pavers.
  • Include accents, borders, and inlays in your patio design. Use different colors or textures for these style accents that can really make all the difference in the look of your finished project.
To learn more about Unilock Natural Stone, visit the product page here. To kick your project off on the right foot, reach out to a Unilock Authorized Contractor for a free consultation and more information on the products available.

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