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How Paving Stones Add Beauty and Safety to Homes Near Dix Hills, NY


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There are many reasons homeowners choose paving stones. If you’re wondering how this option can add beauty and safety to homes near Dix Hills, NY, read on and learn how these timeless materials can enhance your landscape.


Natural stone has been used for millennia. You can walk the same plazas as the Romans. You can walk along the same sidewalks that have been in use since the Middle Ages. You can even climb steps that, while worn down by millions of footsteps, are still in use and arguably even more beautiful than ever as they have acquired the patina of time.



How Paving Stones Bring Beauty to a Landscape

The look of natural stone adds a sense of natural beauty to a landscape because each stone is unique. Various fine-grained stone options such as limestone can appear to be the same, but when you look closely, there are differences that make each stone fascinating.


Unilock premium quality natural Limestone could be the ideal choice for a sophisticated patio, pool deck, walkways, and entryways. Its cool gray tones bring a refined elegance to your space, and the fine-grained texture does not compete with the home’s architecture. Limestone works with virtually any design style. Choose from Hearthstone or Winter Mist for your pool deck and patio, or the dramatic Black River for spaces that don’t receive direct sun, or for stunning borders and accents. Limestone from Unilock is also available as steps, pillar caps, and coping, for a finished look throughout the landscape.


Other stone offers more dramatic patterning for bold, one-of-a-kind spaces. Unilock premium quality natural Sandstone, for example, is a sedimentary stone that often features colorful veining. The two warm, earthy tones (Indian Coast and Autumn Harvest) make for a more relaxed look, while the soft Stone Cliff Grey is a stunning choice for homes with a coastal design theme.


With both Limestone and Sandstone, you have a choice of thicknesses: the thinnest (22mm) could be used as a concrete patio or deck overlay; the 50mm size can be used for a new patio, walkway, or pool deck; the 64mm size works perfectly as a pillar cap; and the 150mm size can be ideal for steps or as a hearth for a custom outdoor fireplace.



How Paving Stones Bring Safety to a Landscape

One of the lesser-known characteristics of any stone is its permeability. All stone will absorb water to some degree. Depending on the type of stone, this could cause problems such as spalling (flaking), which presents a tripping hazard. The New York freeze-thaw cycle can wreak havoc on stone that readily absorbs water. Spalling, and also cracking, are two unfortunate outcomes that require replacement of the stone.


However, natural stone from Unilock is selected for low water absorption, freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength for a surface that will last and last without cracking or spalling.


Certain types of natural stone such as travertine and marble are gorgeous stone choices, but they become very slippery when wet, which makes them less-than-ideal choices for the relatively rainy mid-Atlantic climate. Unilock Limestone and Sandstone, although they feature subtle texture, are naturally grippy. This can make them ideal for use around pools and hot tubs, as well as any outdoor living spaces.


When it comes to beauty, some people believe nothing can beat the individual charm of natural paving stones. And when it comes to durability, you can be assured that Unilock natural stone is chosen with strength and durability in mind. For more inspiration, you can visit the Unilock Dream page, or get in touch with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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