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How Natural Stone Is Used to Create Elegant Outdoor Living Spaces in Seaford, DE

How Natural Stone Is Used to Create Elegant Outdoor Living Spaces in Seaford, DE

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A new outdoor living space can bring endless enjoyment to your life, along with increased home value and curb appeal. Natural stone is often top of mind as a material to incorporate as it offers both character and timeless appeal to landscapes. Here’s how natural stone is used to create elegant outdoor living spaces in Seaford, DE.


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Elegance and Timeless Character Underfoot

Adding utility and visual interest to your outdoor space begins with masonry. Natural stone is the original material used in patios and walkways. Even when brand-new, stone surfaces look as though they’ve always been there, sturdy and strong, doing their job in the most beautiful way.


Stone patios can be found all over the world, and many are just as attractive and usable today as they were centuries ago. As the world’s oldest building material, natural stone gives individual character to each space it graces. And, up until modern times, the stone that was used was always local, and regional differences in stones were very evident. Today you can buy stone from all over the world and enjoy global character right in your own backyard.


Unilock has carefully chosen two types of stone—Limestone and Sandstone—that come from the most reliable sources for the best color match and superior quality. Natural stone can be sealed to preserve its natural beauty and prevent damage, and once that’s done, stone is easy to maintain. All you need is regular sweeping, wiping up spills before they set, occasional cleaning with a mild soap and water, and infrequent power-washing to remove stubborn grime and stains.


Limestone would give your new your patio, walkway, or entryway an unmistakable elegance. Limestone is available in Hearthstone, Winter Mist, and a dramatic Black River. Limestone can become slippery when wet, so it is not the ideal choice for pool decks.


Sandstone offers a warm and rustic look filled with character. Since no stone is alike and sandstone naturally features veining and other patterns, you can be sure that your outdoor living space will be unlike any other. Sandstone is available in Stone Cliff Grey, which is a soft grey reminiscent of New England and Mid-Atlantic coastal cliffs; and Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast, which offer the warmth of sandy beaches. Sandstone can be used in any pedestrian application.


Natural stone from Unilock is extremely durable. If it is properly installed (Unilock always recommends using a Unilock Authorized Contractor), it will last for many years!


All natural stone from Unilock has been selected for low water absorption, flexural strength (to prevent splitting), freeze-thaw durability, and, of course, beauty.


Natural limestone and sandstone slabs come in four large sizes for a modern feel: 12”x24”, 18”x24”, 24”x24” and 24”x36”. All of these sizes can be installed on a fresh slab of poured concrete. They can also be overlaid over an existing concrete surface or a wooden deck, which will completely transform the space.


Steps, Pillars, and Coping

Bring a touch of nature to your landscape, patio, or walkway with stone steps, pillars, and coping made with natural limestone or sandstone from Unilock. Unilock step slabs can also be used as individual stepping stones for a rustic walkway.


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