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Here Is Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Concrete Pavers in Nassau County, NY


The title image features Bristol Valley pavers.


If you’re preparing for a landscape renovation and you’re wondering which materials would be best for your hardscapes, you’ll want to know why you can’t go wrong with concrete pavers in Nassau County, NY.


The Patio: Easy Maintenance

Your patio is not only an extension of your living space, but it serves as a transition between your home and the landscape. Patio pavers need to withstand some heavy use: food and beverage spills, the freeze-thaw cycle, household cleaners, and pool or spa chemicals if your patio is adjacent to a pool or hot tub.


Choosing low-maintenance pavers is a must for the patio. At the same time, they need to be aesthetically pleasing and fit in with your design theme.


Umbriano pavers from Unilock are a modern paver style that fits into virtually any design theme. They are exceptionally popular in outdoor kitchens, patios, and pool decks. The unique granite-inspired look comes from randomly dispersed real granite particles and rich color. The sleek finish would add a contemporary touch to your patio, pool deck, or walkway. For easy cleanup, Umbriano pavers are infused with EasyClean, an integral stain protection that will keep your pavers looking great. 


Walkways: Safety and Beauty

Walkways are part of the first impression your guests get when they arrive at your home. Although beauty is important, safety is usually first. Unilock pavers—even smooth pavers—feature a non-slip surface that remains safe when wet.


The Driveway: Durability and Longevity

Driveways are utilitarian, and have to stand up to heavy duty use. They’re also part of your home’s visual appeal and an opportunity for creative expression.


If you like the idea of a unified look throughout your hardscape, you could carry the look of your patio and walkway over to the driveway with Umbriano pavers. The thicker version of Umbriano pavers are suitable for use on driveways. On the driveway, EasyClean will protect the pavers from automotive oils and deicing salts and prevent water infiltration that could cause damage from the freeze-thaw cycle.


Pavers are more durable and stronger than poured concrete or asphalt. If you’re worried about damage from snow plows, you can install a driveway heating system beneath the pavers to virtually eliminate the hassle of plowing, shoveling, and damage from deicing salts.


Permeability: An Eco-Friendly Option

Another way to make your driveway longer-lasting and more eco-friendly is to opt for permeable pavers. On a well-built driveway, surface water will flow into a storm drain system or onto the landscaping, but too much runoff can overwhelm the municipal storm drain system. 


Choosing permeable pavers could be a great solution. These pavers are specially designed to feature slightly larger joint spaces between the pavers. They are also installed on a special substrate to allow water to percolate through easily, without causing any movement in the pavers. This will keep your driveway surface drier and safer, and will protect your landscaping from runoff while returning water to the aquifer.

Town Hall permeable pavers bring the timeless beauty of brick to your driveway. They can also be used on your walkway or patio, if you like the idea of using permeable pavers throughout your landscape. Featuring richly blended colors, these pavers can bring a timeless charm to small patios and narrow meandering walkways.


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