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Extend the Use of Your Backyard Pool By Adding a Paver Pool Deck in Hempstead, NY

The pool deck is what will give your inground pool its character. Its design will directly influence your experience when you’re enjoying your swimming space in Hempstead, NY. By exploring a variety of patio pavers from Unilock, you can maximize the potential that exists around your inground pool.

Beacon Hill Smooth Pavers

The incredible Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock are some of the most exciting pavers available thanks to their naturalistic flagstone-inspired look. The fresh, modern, large-format sizes and contemporary color palette of this paver can make for a visually stunning pool deck. Available in beautiful earth tones that are washed with waves of color, each paver is a piece of artwork in itself. With a smooth, yet treated non-slip texture that takes its properties from the natural grip of sandstone, Beacon Hill Smooth pavers could be a perfect option for any pool deck.

Umbriano Pavers

One of the most popular pavers from Unilock are the gorgeous Umbriano pavers. They make excellent surfaces for pool decks simply because of their granite-inspired non-slip texture, promoting safety where it matters so much. The beautiful granite tones could help create a chic and sophisticated or a relaxed and natural pool area that fits with your family’s lifestyle. And to make your life even better, Umbriano pavers feature EasyClean stain resistance, which helps keep the pavers looking great (between pool chemicals and spilled drinks and food, a pool deck can take a beating).

Beacon Hill Flagstone Pavers

Much like its Beacon Hill Smooth cousin, the Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock can be used to form a strong and memorable pool deck. Their surface texture features natural variations and blended colors (Fossil, Tuscany, and Steel Mountain) inspired by flagstone. The 15”x15” squares would add a substantial look to your pool deck—a gorgeous complement to a larger home.

Artline Pavers

Artline pavers from Unilock could be considered a modern take on brick. Their elongated, linear shape is popular in modern applications; yet because of their dimensions, variety of finishes, and contemporary colors, these pavers can also freshen up a traditional or rustic pool deck. Artline pavers are available in a Smooth finish (Fossil or Steel Mountain) or an Umbriano Mottled finish (French Grey or Winter Marvel). Both options are smooth, barefoot-friendly, won’t snag delicate swimsuit fabrics, and yet remain non-slip when wet.

Westport Pavers

Taking on the hues, irregular sides, and rugged textures of timeworn limestone, Westport pavers from Unilock present a wonderful opportunity to evoke a beautiful Mediterranean landscape. The gentle hues of Steel Mountain or Fossil could be ideal for a pool deck. The dramatic Charcoal color would absorb too much heat for barefoot comfort, but could be used as a gorgeous border or accent.

Treo Permeable Pavers

Treo Permeable pavers from Unilock are another way to extend the use of your pool area because they can be installed on a permeable base that allows standing surface water to easily drain away. After all, who would want to hang out on a wet and sloppy pool deck if they’re not swimming? Treo Permeable pavers are available in Steel Mountain or Fossil. You could carry this natural flagstone appeal through to any outdoor living space, walkway, or your driveway for a unified look.



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