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Excellent Large Format Pavers for Elegant Spaces

Creating an elegant outdoor space relies as much on your paver selection as it does on your furniture arrangement and lighting. Elegant spaces are inherently neat and professionally put-together. Large format pavers can grant your patio floor the clean, sleek appearance required to complement the rest of your sophisticated hardscape design. They create fewer jointing lines, which makes the area seem more spacious and tidy. Their geometric designs are also often suited to the perfectly regular shapes found within most sophisticated modern hardscapes. Here is a selection of Unilock pavers that promise to make your outdoor spaces even more chic.

Treo Enduracolor Pavers

These pavers are imbued with EnduraColor FaceMix Technology from Unilock that ensures their splendid shades are wear-resistant – designed to withstand harsh weather and the test of time. These pavers are available in a variety of subtle, neutral colors that are versatile enough to complement an even wider variety of hardscapes. This smoky New York Blend variation is a great candidate for outdoor kitchens as they pair well with glistening chrome appliances. Incorporating warm wooden cabinets or counter tops into a kitchen paved with these cool toned Treo Enduracolor pavers is guaranteed to create a unique contrast.
This color variation is also compatible with bright colors, at it allows them to stand out. Pops of color can be incorporated into a patio design by investing in eye-catching accent pillows or by surrounding the area with vibrant flowers.

Umbriano Pavers

Umbriano pavers are incredibly popular among homeowners creating contemporary and trendy hardscapes. Their perfectly regular edges create clean jointing lines that stretch across open spaces and create captivating grids. Each paver bears a unique gradient which contributes to creating an interesting paved surface. This natural granite-like appearance is created using cutting-edge ColorFusion Technology from Unilock and is incorporated into every one of the beautiful muted shades in which Umbriano pavers are sold.

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The Summer Wheat variation has been used here and pairs excellently with other warm, summery shades in the area. The clear blue water, textured wooden furniture and bright green plants all collaborate with the elegant Umbriano pavers underfoot to create a cheerful oasis perfect for summer get-togethers.

Beacon Hill Smooth Pavers

Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are excellent substitutes for natural stone and can even emulate the smooth surfaces of porcelain tiles. They are beautifully sleek and can bring the luxury of the indoors to your patio or pool deck. Consider incorporating a warm, earthy shade like Tuscany or Desert Valley into a well-vegetated landscape as they are guaranteed to complement any surrounding greenery and almost blend into the softscape. This can create cohesion throughout the landscape and prevent a jolting barrier between the natural and hardscape elements within it.

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Richcliff Pavers

Richcliff pavers are the perfect balance between earthy outdoor elements and contemporary elegance. These large format pavers are available in sophisticated grays and sandy hues that are perfect candidates for sweeping staircases of large, open patios. However, they are also fairly textured and bear the distinct look of natural, quarried stone.
Consider using other hardscape features to echo the rustic touch created by the rugged finish upon these pavers. For example, fire features that have a warm, natural appeal can balance patios filled with furniture and decor that seem to belong indoors. Water features similarly maintain an outdoor theme within any hardscape and will pair well with the stone-like textures of Richcliff pavers. You can also use materials with an antique finish to construct your retaining walls and fire pits. This fire pit showcases the timeless look of Estate Wall, which contrasts more refined elements in the design.

Bristol Valley Pavers

Bristol Valley pavers, similar to the Richcliff pavers mentioned above, have a pleasant rustic feel that can personalize your modern hardscape design and allow it to retain its natural, outdoor appeal.
There are subtle blends of different colors upon each surface and when paving a large area, these various gradients combine to form a sea of light crests and dark hollows. Having a slight variation in color or texture across a large expanse of pavers is important to prevent the surface from appearing monotonous. If you are designing a tropical pool deck or sunny al fresco dining area, consider one of our richer shades like Bavarian or Sierra, which will add a vibrant glow to your patio.

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Excellent Large Format Pavers for Elegant Spaces NY


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