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Create Outstanding Pool Decks with these Concrete Pavers and Coping Units

When summer fades to fall, your poolside area doesn’t have to be neglected. In fact, the months of inactivity it’s about to experience create the perfect window for a quick renovation. One of the best ways to make your pool look brand new is by replacing the pavers that frame it. New pavers revitalize the space without reshaping the pool or changing any other permanent structures. Consider opting for some of the following pavers and coping options to renew your poolside space.

Brussels Fullnose Coping

This pool edge showcases Brussels Fullnose Coping in the rosy Tuscany color variation. This coping option is a good candidate for pool edges because it has a smooth, rounded edge. This is safer than having a pointed perimeter around your pool, particularly if children will be enjoying the area. This rounded coping will help to prevent cuts and scrapes as a result of energetic poolside games.
The coping is encircled by a layer of quaint Courtstone pavers that add some variation to the color palette of the design. They also have a pleasant pebble-like texture that is smooth but non-slip when wet and pairs well with poolsides.

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Richcliff Pavers

Richcliff pavers are inherently elegant and bear the sophisticated look of natural stone. Framing your pool using these large format pavers can transform the space into a tranquil, resort-like poolside. The cool Dawn Mist color variation has been used here, in combination with another example of a Courtstone accent. The Courtstone pavers enhance the natural, relaxed aesthetic achieved by this curved pool deck.

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Thornbury Pavers

Thornbury pavers are also excellent substitutes for natural stone, with a rough flagstone texture that is almost therapeutic for bare feet. The earthy Bavarian shade has been utilized to its full potential in this ethereal poolside space. The wicker recliners, the stone structures framing the pool and the abundance of plants and trees all contribute towards creating a fantasy-like poolside that appears to have been carved out of the earth. This homeowner has also strayed from traditional bright blue or white pool-lining, in an effort to make the rounded pool seem more like a natural spring or pond.

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Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone coping pairs excellently with natural stone, or one of the various authentic substitutes for natural stone offered by Unilock. This coping options bears rugged edges that make each stone appear unique and quarried from the earth. Ledgestone coping is, however, a concrete product and bears incredible strength.
Ledgestone coping is a good candidate for poolside areas, as its textures can contribute to a natural, tropical or island-style hardscape design. It’s edges are also safe and comfortable for hands and feet.

Brussels Block Pavers

Brussels Block pavers are a classic option, versatile enough to suit a wide variety of applications. Not too rustic, yet not too sleek, they work well in both traditional and contemporary hardscape designs. These foolproof pavers are an excellent option for homeowners who aren’t sure of the aesthetic theme of their envisioned hardscape. The creamy Sierra color variation has been used here and certainly adds lots of warmth and personality to the poolside area.

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Umbriano Pavers

Umbriano pavers look stunning covering large open spaces like pool decks. When creating a large open space, some pavers can have a monotonous appearance or appear too small in relation to the large space. Umbriano pavers, however, are sleek and create neat, sophisticated surfaces. Each paver bears a unique gradient and splatters of color. These gradients, in combination, produce a varied sea of dark and light hues stretching across the paved surface.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone Pavers

Beacon Hill Flagstone has a very tranquil, natural appearance and surface textures that are to die for. The soft hues in which this paver can be obtained are versatile enough to suit a wide variety of hardscape designs. They are also fairly neutral, which makes them compatible with most modern aesthetics. This contemporary pool deck, for example, has all the features of a modern hardscape: a geometric furniture arrangement featuring nude shades, sophisticated water features, and plenty of open space. The large format pavers underfoot contribute their own air of elegance and serve as the perfect finishing touch.

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Create Outstanding Pool Decks with these Concrete Pavers and Coping Units NY


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