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Consider These 5 Classic Walkway Pavers in Red Bank, NJ


The title image features Copthorne walkway pavers.


Giving your walkway a facelift using pavers could be just the change you need to greatly enhance your home’s visual appeal. Choosing the right paver makes all the difference. Consider these five classic walkway pavers in Red Bank, NJ, if you have a traditional home or simply want to add some historical charm to welcome your guests.


Walkway Pavers for the Look of Brick  


Brick pavers will give your walkway timeless appeal no matter what your home’s design style is. Bricks are small pavers which could be laid in a variety of patterns to give your walkway incredible character and an elegant old-world feel. Today, thanks to concrete technology, you aren’t limited to “brick red” colors; you can expand your color choices to add contemporary flair.


Copthorne pavers are classic brick pavers from Unilock inspired by European street pavers and featuring gorgeous weathered look for a timeless historic appearance. These pavers are also popular as borders and accents.


Mattoni pavers are a contemporary version of ancient Roman brick. The distressed finish, muted colors, and slender profile can make them ideal for curved walkways. They are also popular as borders and accents.


If you prefer a more contemporary look that’s inspired by classic brick, then perhaps look no further than Unilock Artline pavers. This paver comes in a random bundle of seven different rectangular shapes, of varying lengths. Two finishes are also available, giving you plenty of design choices with a paver that—because of its classically inspired shapes—can give a contemporary yet comfortably familiar look to your walkway.


The Look of Flagstone


Natural stone is a popular look for walkways, although it can have its drawbacks including becoming slippery when wet. A wonderful alternative is flagstone-inspired pavers from Unilock. Whether you choose textured pavers or smooth pavers, you’ll be sure to offer your guests a slip-free, surefooted passage to your front door—and plenty of style.


Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are inspired by natural flagstone, but their smooth texture could be the ideal addition to a contemporary home. Their non-beveled edges, contemporary color choices offer both a modern and timeless appearance that will complement your home. 


Granite Resemblance


Give your walkway the elegance and timeless look of granite, in a concrete paver that remains non-slip when wet. Umbriano pavers from Unilock are moderately sized pavers available in random bundles of several different shapes. They beautifully bridge the gap between traditional and modern design aesthetics. The granite-like surface appearance and unique mottled surface is achieved with ColorFusion technology, which randomly disperses rich color and granite particles throughout the paver. It’s also worth noting that Umbriano walkway pavers are factory sealed with EasyClean, an integral surface protection from stains.  

For more walkway ideas, your
Unilock Authorized Contractor can advise on a variety of walkway pavers that will give you the look you desire. Your landscape contractor can help you decide on whether a traditional or more modern look would make the greatest impact to your overall landscape design. The selection process can be the most enjoyable part of planning changes to the landscape. You could also visit the Unilock Dream page for more walkway inspiration.


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