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Concrete Pavers for Authentic Tropical Style Outdoor Spaces

You don’t have to escape to a remote island in order to experience tropical bliss. Investing in your landscape design can grant you a personal tropical paradise in the comfort of your backyard. Here are a few Unilock pavers to inspire your outdoor oasis.

Umbriano Pavers

These sleek, geometric pavers are perfect for creating your very own tropical resort. This elegant poolside patio showcases Umbriano pavers in the Winter Marvel color variation. These pavers are relatively muted, creating a stunning contrast against the vibrant blue water and crisp green lawns. Umbriano pavers bear subtle color gradations on their surfaces, mimicking the captivating beauty of granite. Adding the visual appeal of natural stone to your landscape further contributes to its organic, tropical appeal. A sleek water feature contributes the relaxing sound of running water to the space, while recliners serve to make guests feel like they are truly being pampered at a far-away resort. A wooden pergola bathes its surroundings in warm color and texture and adds a natural touch to the concrete hardscape. The water feature, low wall and the base of the outdoor kitchen counters are all constructed from Unilock Rivercrest Wall, resulting in a cohesive design that flows seamlessly from one vertical element to the next.

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Ledgestone Coping

The stones used to create these rustic retaining walls create the tranquil appeal of a walkway winding through a tropical landscape. These sandy stones complement the plants framing the stairway, while their spontaneous shapes and textures make the structure seem to have manifested naturally over time. The stairs are constructed from Unilock Ledgestone coping. These concrete slabs have textured edges that mimic natural stone and add visual interest to steps and retaining walls.

Artline Pavers

Artline pavers are often incorporated into contemporary, minimalist hardscaping projects owing to their uniform, linear design. However, these pavers bear the versatility to be used in a wide variety of designs, including that of your tropical paradise. A tropical landscape should incorporate plenty of plants, while the geometry and sleek design of these pavers create a striking contrast against the spontaneous shapes contained within any surrounding vegetation. This patio design has also utilized accent pillows to add jewel tones to the otherwise monotone color palette. A geometric fire pit has been constructed from Lineo Dimensional Stone in the Sierra color variation. These smooth stones grant the fireplace an elegant touch while echoing the deep brown shades within the nearby wicker chairs. Utilizing the rich shades and textures within wood or wicker structures will add further natural appeal to your tropical oasis. The fire pit has been topped with Ledgestone coping and is guaranteed to make evening get-togethers more cozy and intimate.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone

This swimming pool screams ‘tropical getaway’, with its curved edges and clear-blue waters. Shrubs, trees and vibrant flowers frame this idyllic space, while comfortable recliners offer a spectacular view of the greenery. The rich greens within the leaves stand out when contrasted against the Beacon Hill Flagstone that comprises the patio floor. In addition to the Tuscany shade utilized here, these pavers are available in a wide variety of color variations and are versatile and durable enough to suit an equally wide variety of applications. Their soft colors and realistic surface textures result in an exceptionally natural appearance that will only serve to enhance the tropical appeal of your landscape. Old Oak Copthorne pavers have been used to create an understated border that emphasizes the spontaneous curves within the pool design. A large umbrella adds the perfect touch of summer relaxation to this poolside patio.

Rivercrest Wall

One element that is guaranteed to add tropical appeal to your landscape is the tranquil sound of running water. That is why water features are popular features within tropical landscape designs. This water feature runs into a resort-like pool and has been constructed from Unilock Rivercrest Wall in the Buff color variation. Coffee Creek Brussels Dimensional Stone has been added into the wall and contributes subtle blue shades that reflect the water below. Nearby recliners enhance the relaxing appeal of the area and incorporate pops of orange and blue that pair excellently with the clear-blue water and vibrant green lawns.
Concrete Pavers for Authentic Tropical Style Outdoor Spaces


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