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Concrete and Natural Stone Pavers that Highlight the Greenery of your Landscape

While many hardscaped areas are constructed to cater to specific functions, be it dining, cooking or entertaining, paving over a generously natural landscape can be a waste of its true potential. The lucky owners of richly vegetated landscapes should consider making the primary purpose of their hardscaped areas to accentuate and highlight their beautiful lawns and garden beds. Here are a few concrete paver and natural stone choices from Unilock that will bring out the beautiful greens and browns in any leafy landscape.


This Limestone patio in the smoky Midnight Shadow shade creates a striking contrast against the lighter, more vibrant lawn that surrounds it. This contrast serves to make the greenery ‘pop’, an effect that is aided by the addition of a light grey border around the patio. Echoing the shade of the border in the jointing material between the pavers creates a cohesive design and prevents the elements from appearing disjointed and separate.

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This Umbriano driveway in the cheerful shade of Summer Wheat creates a welcoming entrance to the property, framed and enlivened by shrubs and trees. The manicured, geometric shrubs complement the linear pattern in which the pavers were laid, as well as certain shapes within the home’s architecture. In contrast, the branches and leaves of trees have spontaneous, organic silhouettes.

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This whimsical dining area showcases the beauty of Dawn Mist Richcliff pavers. Their realistic textures aim to emulate the unique surfaces of natural stone, however, they bear the virtually indestructible properties of concrete that nature fails to grant its stone. The muted tones within these grey pavers allow the warmer shades of wood and grass to stand out in contrast. However, their organic textures complement those found within nature.


This expanse of Mattoni pavers showcases the powerful impact of the Dark Charcoal shade, a new color variation making its debut in 2017. The effect created here is similar to that of dark Limestone pavers – a captivating contrast between dark and light; rich and monochrome. The deep browns of the soil are equally accentuated by these versatile pavers. A modern version of classic Roman pavers, Mattoni pavers have an elegant linear design that is punctuated by slightly jagged edges for a natural touch. This aesthetic could be the perfect partner to the architecture and style of your existing home and landscape.

Bristol Valley

This beautiful Bristol Valley pool deck showcases how the subtle color gradations within these neutral pavers mimic natural stone perfectly. Laid in a seemingly random pattern, these textured pavers have a natural appearance that complements the surrounding greenery. To amplify the organic appearance of an area, consider pairing these pavers with vertical elements constructed from Unilock Rivercrest Wall – a wall system that emulates stacked flagstone. Rivercrest Wall’s interesting surface textures and varying shape also make great counterparts to a lush, flowing landscape.


Courtstone pavers are simple – yet elegant and romantic. They are compatible with a great variety of landscape designs and are especially effective in rustic, or natural, settings. The look created by these rounded pavers with uniquely bulged and dented edges, underneath deep green, large-leaved plants with pockets of rich brown soil between them, is incomparable and makes an excellent getaway. These Courtstone pavers have been paired with smoother, more uniform Umbriano pavers, creating a pleasant contrast in shape and texture.


This picturesque patio and grill area showcases the sophistication and modern compatibility of Sandstone in the Indian Coast shade. The smooth, elegant edges of these natural stones have been precisely cut for convenient installation and a ’finished’ look. The convenience of Unilock natural stone extends to its enhanced strength, minimal water absorption and effective freeze-thaw durability that make maintenance a breeze. Pairing these smooth stones with the rugged textures of grass and shrubs makes for captivating visual appeal and a superb color combination that enhances the intensity of the surrounding greenery.

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Il Campo

Il Campo pavers in the Heritage Brown color variation create the following warm color combination when paired with deep green shrubs and lawns. Their rich brown tones emulate fertile soil, transforming your patio or walkway into a tranquil reflection of nature. These pavers have unique textures etched across their surfaces, complementing the great variety of textures within the surrounding greenery. The variety of sizes in which Il Campo pavers can be sourced will grant you the ability to create a virtually limitless array of patterns and designs.
Concrete and Natural Stone Pavers that Highlight the Greenery of your Landscape NY


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