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Why Choose? Try these Natural Stone and Concrete Combinations

When choosing which materials to use within your hardscape, it often boils down to the choice between concrete pavers and natural stone. While concrete pavers offer unbelievable variety and are guaranteed to complement any design, the timeless look of natural stone never fails to make a hardscape memorable. Why choose between these two materials when you can obtain the best of both? Unilock offers both premium quality natural stone and a diverse range of concrete pavers to suit your hardscaping needs. Here are a few ways in which natural stone and concrete can be combined into a one-of-a-kind design.

Sandstone from Unilock

The Unilock line of premium quality natural stone is not only beautiful, but is also equipped with excellent flexural strength, low water absorption, and freeze-thaw durability. Homeowners in New York can choose between Limestone and Sandstone, both with enhanced surface treatments that make them excellently suited to a wide range of applications. Sandstone can be acquired in two sandy shades, Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast, and a range of cool grays. The Prairie Rose color variation is a bold option for homeowners seeking to create a memorable hardscape. Sandstone is also slip-resistant which makes it a trusted option for outdoor kitchens and poolside patios. However, if you’re after a bit of variation and would like to combine this stone with concrete elements, these are some pavers you could consider.

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Mattoni pavers

These small, linear pavers have rugged edges that add to their character and invite the addition of textured natural stone for a personalized design with plenty of variation in texture. Mattoni pavers have a distinctly sophisticated look, thanks to their matte neutral color variations and linear format. They therefore pair well with Indian Coast Sandstone which is equally as elegant and is often incorporated into modern hardscape designs. The Dark Charcoal color variation is showcased here, as well as its compatibility with lighter, sandy shades. The distressed Sable Blend shade is also showcased here, which would complement the natural and weather-worn surfaces of Autumn Harvest Sandstone.

Courtstone pavers

Black pavers never fail to complement and enhance sandy pavers or stones, as they help to bring light browns to the surface and create a distinction between the many different earthy shades in a single stone. These Basalt Courtstone pavers, for example, would pair excellently with Sandstone. Courtstone pavers work well as accent pavers due to their small format. Their irregular edges also enhance the spontaneous look of a natural stone hardscape.

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Brussels Block pavers

Brussels Block pavers have a pleasant antiqued finish that works well with rustic designs but can also add valuable variation to modern hardscapes. Their rustic surfaces will pair well with the time-worn surfaces of natural stones and they are available in an array of shades that will also complement the smoky Sandstone variations.

Limestone from Unilock

Limestone pavers from Unilock are available in various shades of grey that are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of aesthetic themes. They are often used in contemporary hardscapes due to their contribution to sleek, minimalist design. Consider incorporating some of these concrete pavers from Unilock into a natural Limestone surface for a unique finished product.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

Unilock also offers a range of concrete wall products for creating hardscapes that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Lineo Dimensional Stone may be a surprising choice to complement natural stone, as these wall units are relatively smooth and untextured, drawing their interest from their clear horizontal lines and graphic nature. However, they pair brilliantly with the modern aesthetic that Unilock Limestone can contribute to an outdoor space. These wall units are available in a cool Limestone color variation as well as shades like Almond Grove and Sierra that subtly integrate earthy shades into their surfaces.

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Umbriano pavers

Umbriano pavers are well suited to modern patios due to their clean edges and sophisticated finishes. They are available in a range of neutral shades, like this French Grey option, that work well with current trends. Incorporating Limestone into an Umbriano patio or pool deck can add variation in texture to the hardscape design, while enhancing its elegance. Consider the effect that adding jet black Limestone, as a border or geometric paver ‘rug’, would have on this patio.

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Try these Natural Stone and Concrete Combinations in NY


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