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Adding Color and Texture to Outdoor Kitchens With These 6 Paver Choices in Hempstead, NY


The title image features Artline patio pavers and Lineo Dimensional Stone



An outdoor kitchen becomes the heart of the patio, so you’ll want to choose your materials carefully. By focusing on any of the following six paver choices below, you can add color and texture to the area surrounding outdoor kitchens in Hempstead, NY, and turn your landscape into a more dynamic and exciting place to hang out with family and friends.



Colorful, Yet Elegant

One style choice to keep in mind when adding color to an outdoor kitchen is that simplicity could be considered best. Adding too many colors can result in a cluttered, overdone look that you may tire of quickly. Start by thinking about your vertical elements (outdoor kitchen wall and fire pit, for example) as one unit, and your horizontal elements as another unit. Too many contrasts, both in color and texture, won’t stand the test of time. Using one field paver along with an accent paver gives you the opportunity to match or complement vertical elements without creating a visually overwhelming space.



Examples of Pavers Fitting for Outdoor Kitchens

The sleek modern Artline pavers from Unilock in Copper Ridge could pair excellently with a Black Granite border made with Unilock Series pavers. This is an elegant look that could be effectively carried throughout the patio for a modern yet warm appearance. For a unified aesthetic in your outdoor kitchen, you could pair these two paver choices with Lineo Dimensional Stone in Sierra. The overall look is warm, inviting, yet sleek since the pavers and wall units are all relatively smooth-textured.


If you want more textural variety, you could pair Unilock Richcliff pavers (a wonderful substitute for natural bluestone) in the warm Pebble Taupe color with Unilock Copthorne pavers in Old Oak. This combination will give you a more rustic textured surface that combines the nearly natural flagstone feel of Richcliff with the more subtle texture of Copthorne pavers, and it could work well alongside either a textured or smooth wall. A great textured wall to complement both of these pavers is Rivercrest Wall in Buff. Tie the look together with an accent band of Copthorne pavers from Unilock in Old Oak. Lineo Dimensional Stone in Sierra or Almond Grove would result in a wonderful smooth-textured yet colorful effect.


Brick tends to be viewed as the warmest, most colorful choice for any outdoor space. The earthy tones come in a variety of shades to complement any design aesthetic. The subtle texture of each brick brings a slightly distressed look that makes the kitchen feel relaxed, but the smaller shapes lend themselves to a highly textured floor thanks to many joint lines.


Your landscape contractor can create textural interest by using the look of brick with a herringbone or basket weave pattern. An outdoor kitchen floor made using Unilock Town Hall pavers will be nothing short of exquisite, not to mention timeless and elegant. Choose two or three of the available colors and blend them randomly onsite for a dramatic look. You won’t need an accent border with this approach. This paver will look great next to an outdoor kitchen wall made using Brussels Dimensional System in Sandstone for a contrasting look, or Sierra for a more unified look.


These are just a few ideas for adding color and texture to your outdoor kitchen. Check out the Unilock Dream page for more inspiration!



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