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9 Pavers That Can Complement a Retaining Wall in Bronxville, NY

The title image features the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System


The most amazing backyard spaces tend to be characterized by one word: harmony. If a retaining wall is part of your landscape plan, you can achieve the most pleasing aesthetic by using materials that integrate it into the overall design. Here are nine pavers that can complement a retaining wall in Bronxville, NY.



Rustic Chic

A rustic stacked-stone wall such as Rivercrest Wall is rich in texture, so there are two approaches you could take when choosing pavers: complementary or contrasting.


To complement the rough texture of Rivercrest Wall, you could opt for a flagstone-inspired paver such as Richcliff, with its ultra-realistic flagstone texture.


If this combination feels too heavily textured for your space, a great way to maintain the richness of natural stone is to pair the wall with sleek Umbriano pavers, which are smooth-textured, granite-inspired pavers that are often used in modern applications but offer a striking contrast to the rugged texture of Rivercrest Wall.



Sleek and Modern

Embrace the modern look with Lineo Dimensional Stone, a large format rectangular veneer that will give your outdoor space a minimalist linear look. This wall is available in the gorgeous Sierra earth-toned color if you want a warmer appearance or more grayish shades for a sophisticated outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, retaining wall, or other vertical feature. The smooth texture lets you focus on the wonderful mix of sizes in this veneer (Lineo is sold in random bundles of four lengths).


Lineo pairs beautifully with Arcana pavers, which are 24” square pavers that feature a unique silky matte texture fitting for ultra modern designs. Or pair Lineo with Artline pavers (the paver is sold in random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes, of varying lengths and two widths).


Another sleek and modern combination could come by pairing the SienaEdge wall (a segmental retaining wall system with a lean, linear modern aesthetic) with the 24” square Skyline paver.



Warm and Relaxed

A tumbled-stone look can bring to mind ancient Mediterranean villages where family gatherings take place under the open sky. The look works well for both walls and horizontal surfaces. You could pair a Brussels Dimensional System wall with Brussels Block pavers, or you could use a larger format yet still weathered-looking paver such as Bristol Valley in keeping with the relaxed vibe but with a more varied laying pattern.


Another relaxed combination could involve Concord Wall or Roman Wall paired with Beacon Hill Flagstone. Both Concord Wall and Roman Wall feature a weathered face, with Roman Wall being the more rustic of the two. The built-in setback automatically forms the correct slope for larger structural retaining walls, and their chunky look works well with the rustic texture of Beacon Hill pavers.



Many contemporary homes blend architectural styles, so it can be hard to decide which style category a home falls under. The beauty is that you don’t have to decide. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is a revolutionary wall system that lets you mix and match shapes, colors, and textures to achieve the look you want. This wall could be a little of everything in one dynamic package. Pair the U-Cara wall with Senzo pavers, which are large-format brick shapes in trendy modern colors.


Check out the Unilock Dream page where you can see wonderful wall and paver pairings in real settings. Or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor to get inspired and start planning your next project.


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