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8 Timeless Patio Pavers for Hardscapes That Last in Fruitland, MD

8 Timeless Patio Pavers for Hardscapes That Last in Fruitland, MD
The title image features Umbriano patio pavers.


Deciding which pavers should make up your new patio is a big commitment. After all, you’ll see these pavers every day for years. Choosing pavers that will not go out of style—and look good decades after they were installed—will help you avoid living with a dated patio that looks old and tired. Here are eight timeless patio pavers for hardscapes that last in Fruitland, MD.


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Making an Enduring Choice

What makes a paver timeless? If you consider the timeless appeal of ancient European plazas, you’ll notice a few common trends, with their neutral colors and durable materials. You’ll also notice that they are built from materials that last—natural stone and clay brick. Today there’s another option for achieving all the characteristics of timeless pavers: concrete.


Early on, when concrete was first used to make pavers, it didn’t look like the real thing. But the technology has come a long way since then, evolving to the point where unless you look closely and have a highly trained eye, you can’t really tell whether a paver is natural stone (or clay brick), or a concrete alternative. Unilock Reala Technology, for example, uses casts made from real flagstone, cobblestones, and bricks to ensure that a pattern repeat will never be an issue.


Choices, Choices, Choices

Details matter. Craftsmanship is evident in each paver from Unilock, and nowhere is it more evident in the pavers manufactured using Reala Technology. On the surface, you’ll see what appears to be naturally weathered surfaces with hand-hewn edges. Underneath, where the pavers join together, you’ll admire the precise dimensions that allow for swift and accurate installation. Richcliff pavers give you the natural look of cut flagstone; Courtstone pavers infuse your hardscape with the charm of real European cobblestones; and for an authentic clay brick alternative, you can’t beat Copthorne or the slightly larger Town Hall.


Even better, concrete technology now means that your pavers will last. You won’t have to deal with a crumbling or cracking surface because of the freeze-thaw cycle. And you get the peace of mind that pavers sealed with EasyClean will easily withstand damage from spilled food and beverages, household chemicals, pool chemicals, and deicing salts. This means their finish will last longer because you won’t have to use abrasive cleaners.


Mottled Umbriano pavers give you completely different looks with the same level of surface protection that’s durable enough to stand up to the challenges of a busy outdoor kitchen. Other pavers infused with EasyClean include modern Senzo pavers; Westport pavers, which feature a fresh linear shape and a classic texture; and, by special request, the chic, oversized Skyline pavers.


Tips for Making the Right Decision

When choosing pavers that will stand the test of time, stick with neutral colors that will look great no matter what changes you make to your home’s siding or roof. While Unilock pavers come in a huge selection of colors to complement any decorating theme, there’s always the choice of a few tan or light gray neutrals. Choose tan colors if you want a warm and more relaxed look overall, and grays if you want more cool sophistication. Either way, they’ll still look great as you update your home.


Finally, stick to tried and true shapes. While uncut flagstone has undeniable charm, you’ll find that it can be too casual for many homes. You’ll get more mileage out of squares and rectangles, which can be laid in a variety of interesting patterns for lasting visual appeal.


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