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8 Homes That Use Driveway Pavers to Enhance Striking Architecture

A beautifully paved driveway leading up to a stunningly designed home is the epitome of luxury and sophistication and will not only set your home apart from the rest, but will boost the resale value of your property as a result. In addition to making every homecoming a pleasure, investing in your driveway will result in a more welcoming landscape. Peruse the following driveway designs and consider incorporating some of their elements into your property.

The warmth of natural stone

This inviting driveway approaches a cozy, traditional home with its frontmost face veneered in a blanket of natural stone. Echoing its warm, homely shades and textures in the driveway pavers serves to enhance the welcoming appearance of the space. This driveway showcases Unilock Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers enclosed in a double border of Basalt Courtstone pavers and Midnight Sky Umbriano pavers. Umbriano pavers bear slight color gradations that recreate the captivating appearance of granite, accenting the various colors and textures incorporated within the home’s architecture.

Colorful curb appeal with a personalized touch

This home, driveway and softscape collaborate to create a pleasantly colorful and visually stimulating landscape. The driveway doors and red-brick walls of the home result in a playful and striking contrast that is further enhanced by the vibrant green lawn. Although driveway pavers of different colors have been used, the contrast they create is subtle and doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the landscape. Although the sandy Northshore pavers used here are not available in the New York region, Bavarian or Sierra Thornbury pavers are excellent substitutes. The warmly shaded central pavers are enclosed by a double border of Basalt Courtstone and Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers. Neutral pavers fill the remaining space as a relief from the vibrant shades that adorn the landscape and prevent a tasteless appearance.

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Incorporating different shapes

The geometric placement of these Heritage Brown Il Campo pavers alongside a curved garden bed and patio results in an interesting, dynamic design. The architecture of this home, however, is largely geometric and is accentuated by the uniformity of the driveway surface. The rich shades within the driveway pavers accentuate the home’s wooden siding, organic stone veneer and the deep earthy colors in the surrounding nature.

Echoing shades in the architecture

This driveway is essentially a reflection of the adjacent home. The light Tuscany Artline pavers complement the home’s facade while the slate roof tiles are similar in color to the Basalt Copthorne border that frames the driveway. The Artline pavers are not only elegant in their linear design and neutral surfaces, but the sandy undertones of the Tuscany color variation pair well with the vibrant greens in the adjacent lawn. These Artline pavers have also been imbued with an antiqued finish to complement the traditional architectural style.

Elaborate driveways for extravagant homes

This home has been superbly designed, incorporating various shapes, tones, textures and veneers. With the same attention to detail, the driveway has been adorned with captivating motifs. It bears a relatively neutral palette that is versatile enough to complement the various shades in the home’s design. Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers have been used, enclosed by a Heritage Brown border. The rich browns and tan colors incorporated into the design of the home and driveway create a classic space with a luxurious touch.

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Captivating color contrasts

Although selecting colors for your hardscape design that are all relatively similar can create a cohesive and ‘finished’ look, playing around with your palette can also have astonishingly stunning outcomes. This color combination is understated, yet vibrant, as the rich warm wood is contrasted by the cold grey Dawn Mist Courtstone pavers. Pairing vibrant, warm shades with relatively colorless materials is a popular technique used to create punchy, eye-catching designs.

Less is more

Sometimes allowing the limelight to fall on other features is a smart design move that can bring out the best shapes, textures and shades within your landscape. This driveway has been created using muted Town Hall pavers in a simple linear laying pattern. Its understated design and color choice allows the architecture of the home and the beautifully shaped beds of lush greenery to draw all of the viewer’s focus. The driveway serves as a reflection of the shades used in the construction of the home, echoing its siding in the grey jointing sand between pavers. Although this driveway has been professionally paved and excellently designed, it sticks to supporting the home and landscape rather than stealing the show.

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8 Homes That Use Driveway Pavers to Enhance Striking Architecture


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