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7 Paving Options That Look and Feel Like Real Natural Stones in Oyster Bay Cove, NY


The title image features Treo Premier patio pavers



Today’s high-quality concrete pavers make you look more than twice before you notice that they’re not natural stone. Unilock offers seven paving options that look and feel like real natural stones in Oyster Bay Cove, NY. Whether you’re looking to renovate a patio or add some pizzazz to your driveway and front entry walk, you’re sure to find the perfect pavers with Unilock.



Flagstone-Like Pavers


Select Unilock pavers feature Reala Technology, which takes casts from a multitude of different natural flagstone textures. This eliminates the repeating pattern, which is, with some pavers, the most obvious way to tell whether a paver is concrete or if it is in fact natural stone.


A great example is found in Richcliff pavers from Unilock, which are the ultimate in giving you an “I can’t believe it’s not real flagstone” look. These pavers are popular with homeowners who admire the look of bluestone, especially if you blend two of the three available colors together to create an even more natural and random look. You will love the varied textures without the spalling (chipping and flaking) that can occur with natural flagstone. Richcliff pavers are durable enough to withstand the demands of a driveway, which means that you can create a wonderful unified look throughout your landscape: The incredibly versatile Richcliff is perfectly suited for driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks.


More economical pavers from Unilock can give you an authentic natural flagstone feel. The trick to achieving the most authentic natural stone look is to choose several close colors, and blend them randomly on site. Here is one great example: Treo Premier pavers come in a smaller size, which can be the most appropriate choice for driveways and smaller patios or walkways. This textured paver is available in eight colors to blend perfectly with your home. Unilock EnduraColor technology ensures that these pavers will stand up to the hardest wear, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top and larger aggregates on the bottom for structural strength.



Granite-Like Pavers


Many people love granite countertops, with their amazing depth of character. Two pavers from Unilock can tap into this preference for the look of granite and help you achieve a personality-filled outdoor space: Umbriano and Granito. With Umbriano, you get a sleek modern look with a refined surface and a unique mottled surface thanks to ColorFusion technology, which randomly disperses color and granite particles throughout each paver.


With Granito, you get a bolder look thanks to Unilock Artista Color Technology. Choose from a rectangular or a trendy hexagonal paver for either a traditional or modern look. These pavers can be used on patios and walkways, as well as driveways.

To achieve the timeless granite cobblestone look for a driveway and achieve a grand, textured look, you could choose Tribeca Cobble pavers, which feature randomly dispersed granite, marble, and quartz particles. These pavers can be installed either traditionally or as an eco-friendly permeable surface.





Quarried limestone is a popular building material worldwide. Bring the timeless look to your patio in a relaxed weathered look with Brussels Block or Camelot pavers from Unilock. Brussels Block pavers have a distressed appearance that gives your outdoor space a “been there forever” appearance. Camelot pavers feature the same distressed finish, but with slightly rounded edges that give these pavers the appearance of old-world cobblestones.


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