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7 Driveway Pavers to Choose From for Your Renovation in Fredericksburg, VA


The title image features Artline driveway pavers.


Your driveway presents one of the first views of your Fredericksburg, VA, home and as such it’s an important part of your home’s visual appeal. Choosing the right pavers is important—both for practicality, as well as your satisfaction with the outcome every time you come home. Here are seven driveway pavers to choose from for your front-yard renovation.


Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are an emerging trend in driveway design. While the pavers themselves are impervious to water, they sit on top of a special substrate, and feature slightly larger joint spaces to allow any surface water to seep into the ground and percolate back into the aquifer, rather than remaining on the surface or running off. 


Eco-Priora pavers from Unilock are permeable pavers with a simple yet sophisticated look. At 5”x10” they are substantial enough for large driveways and entry courts, and visually balance larger homes. The classical brick shape is timeless and can be used alongside any architectural style. These pavers would give your driveway a contemporary look that’s also eco-friendly. 


The Hex Paver from Unilock features the classic honeycomb shape, which makes these pavers incredibly sturdy when used for a driveway. These 8” pavers feature three different finishes, each of which has its own unique colors. Use one finish and color for a unified appearance, or mix and match several styles to achieve a more dynamic look and a one-of-a-kind driveway. Hex pavers can be installed as permeable pavers, and feature EasyClean to keep your driveway free of automotive oil, deicing salts, and other stains.


Thornbury Smooth pavers from Unilock give you the timeless look of natural flagstone. These relatively small pavers are sold in a random bundle that allows you to choose from several laying patterns. This paver can be an ideal choice not only for your driveway, but for your walkway and patio as well. EnduraColor ensures long-lasting color, and of course these permeable pavers are also better for the environment.


Town Hall pavers from Unilock feature the classic look of brick, with a vintage streetscape charm inspired by historic North American clay street pavers. The look can be ideal for driveways as well as pedestrian applications. Town Hall pavers were cast from a multitude of different surfaces using Reala technology, so you will not see repeating patterns, and Ultima technology for superior durability.


Tribeca Cobble pavers from Unilock look hand-hewn on the surface, but beneath the rugged surface you’ll find dimensional accuracy that ensures a driveway with virtually no movement—and yet, you still get the permeability that will keep your landscape from being damaged by driveway runoff. These pavers are inspired by granite cobblestones that have been used in North American streets for centuries. Randomly dispersed granite, marble, and quartz particles give these pavers an amazing authentic detail and sheen. 


Traditional Pavers

Artline pavers from Unilock could be the ideal choice if you’re looking for an opportunity for creative expression. These pavers are sold in random bundles of seven different lengths, as well as several finishes you can mix and match (or stick with a unified theme if you prefer). Either way, the driveway will have a chic and contemporary look.

pavers from Unilock could be the paver to choose if you like the look of bluestone and want to carry the look throughout your entire hardscape. Richcliff pavers feature Reala technology, for a hyper-realistic natural stone look, and Ultima technology. You could achieve a completely natural and dynamic bluestone aesthetic by randomly blending two or three of the available colors on site, or stick with one color for a more unified and sophisticated look.


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