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6 Concrete Pavers that Tie into the Style of your Home and Architecture

A beautiful patio or entrance is wasted on a home with which it visually clashes – and vice versa. One crucial requirement of any hardscaping project is that it complements and builds on the home rather than detracting from it. Here are a few Unilock pavers to consider when selecting the perfect paver to pair with your home.

Antara pavers

This entrance has been created using rosy Antara pavers in the Sierra color variation. Pavers that have similar sandy undertones are often compatible with nature and plant beds, as deep greens and browns allow them to stand out and appear lighter. This home bears a whimsically rustic structure, with red brick siding and a classic white porch railing. The surrounding shrubs and the use of natural stone further enhance the rustic appeal of the space. Antara pavers have dimpled surfaces that complement the other textures within this hardscape design and generally have a natural, relaxed appearance that pairs well with traditional architecture.

Artline pavers

This beautifully-designed home bears elements of traditional architecture in its large curved windows and majestic structure, yet the pairing of this home with such a luxurious patio design makes for an overall modern look. Shades within the siding of the house are echoed throughout the patio, in the plush upholstery and in the Unilock Artline pavers that form the foundation. These sleek pavers have been selected in the Tuscany color variation, which is neutral enough to complement a diverse range of modern patio designs. Their uniform edges and linear design echo shapes within the surroundings, such as the geometric water feature, regularly shaped seats and cleanly defined outdoor rooms. Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock has been used to create the water feature and is another popular candidate for contemporary style.

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Camelot pavers

This rustic home on the edge of the woods is an ideal getaway and bears fairytale-like appeal. Natural stone and wood incorporated into the structure add texture and personality to the home, while complementing textures within the surrounding nature. The Camelot pavers used to create this entrance are equally personalized, as they resemble regular cobblestones but also bear a distinctly rounded edge. They are also pleasantly textured, while this Sierra shade pairs well with the design of the home and creates a slight contrast against the surrounding greenery.

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Copthorne pavers

These Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers pair well with the striking siding of the adjacent home. Not only are shades within the wooden siding reflected in the pavers, but the rustic appearance of the pavers also serves to complement textures contained within the wood. Light grey jointing material separates these deep red pavers – two colors that are echoed in red and grey elements throughout the patio. Your jointing material can also reflect colors within the architecture of your home for a more cohesive design.

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Bristol Valley pavers

This entrance showcases the beauty of Sierra Bristol Valley pavers from Unilock. These sunny pavers have an uplifting effect on many designs and are also rather versatile. The light brown and cream shades within the siding of the home have been echoed within these pavers, while the pathway of large-format pavers complements the dark blue front door – an element that contrasts beautifully against the rest of the home. Having a focal point similar to this front door in your home or patio can serve to personalize the design and have an unforgettable effect. The incorporation of brightly colored shrubs and trees within this entrance also creates a pleasant contrast against these sunny pavers.

Town Hall pavers

These pavers from Unilock have a classic appearance that complements the traditional architecture of the adjacent home. They complement the time-worn elegance of the white wooden siding, curved window and pointed rooftops, while reflecting deep brown shades within the brick. Town Hall pavers can be laid in a wide variety of paver patterns with different visual effects – such as the herringbone formation shown here. Alternatives include the running bond formation, which can make your patio or driveway appear longer or wider, and a circular formation that tends to draw attention to its center. These pavers have a beautifully tranquil appearance beside the small shrubs scattered around this entrance.

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6 Concrete Pavers that Tie into the Style of your Home and Architecture NY


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