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5 Perfect Driveway Pavers to Complement Your Front Yard Design in Smithtown, NY

The title image features Town Hall pavers.

The approach to your home is a big part of the first impressions of your property in Smithtown, NY. While driveways are mainly functional spaces to keep the cars parked near the garage and front door, they also deserve attention as a design feature. When it comes to achieving a beautiful front yard design, choosing the right material for your driveway is crucial. Here are five perfect driveway pavers to complement your front yard design.

A Top Consideration Option for Driveways: Permeability

Driveways need to be safe, and today’s permeable pavers can help significantly in keeping your driveway dry and free from dangerous ice. Permeable paver driveways have larger spaces between pavers to allow water to slip between the cracks instead of collecting on the surface. While jointing sand is used to fill the empty cracks during traditional paver installation, permeability calls for materials such as pea gravel that allow water to pass through. This doesn’t diminish the aesthetics at all, but it’s a significant safety feature.

Permeable pavers can make the driveway safer by preventing the collection of water on the surface. This reduces slipping hazards, and it’s also an eco-friendly choice. Permeable pavers help protect the landscape from runoff and help to replenish the groundwater.

Driveway Paver Options from Unilock

Town Hall: Maintaining a vintage brick aesthetic in your driveway can elevate any classic style home. The brick style and timeworn look of Town Hall pavers, which have a permeable option, will keep a driveway looking elegant from the curb to the garage door. These pavers are also popular in pedestrian applications, so you could carry the look onto your front walkway as well.

Umbriano: For more modern designs, the Umbriano pavers from Unilock are an incredible addition to any landscape. Naturally non-slip, these pavers increase safety in driveways, walkways, patios, and pool areas in all types of weather. The rich colors of granite as well as the modern aesthetics create a strikingly beautiful paver surface that gives a modern twist to more traditional homes.

Hex Paver: If you want to think outside the rectangle or square and go for a more interesting shape, consider Hex pavers from Unilock. These eye-catching pavers, which can be permeable, feature a honeycomb shape that creates a rich and complex visual tapestry across a driveway. The six sides of the paver lock with others to form an incredibly sturdy paved surface that doesn’t slide around with the occasional shifting of soil. Best of all, Hex pavers come with EasyClean technology already applied so that your driveway will stay free from oil stains, deicing residue, and more.

Mattoni: Blending classic and modern styles, Mattoni pavers from Unilock are truly stunning in their versatility. The long rectangular shape combined with interlocking textures hold steady in a driveway in a variety of striking patterns. While they’re all business underneath the surface, these pavers look well-used and worn just like the old roads of the Mediterranean region.

Series: With an effortless combination of beauty and functionality, the Series pavers from Unilock make a bold statement in a landscape. As the paver matures, you may notice tiny specks of quartz reflecting in the sunlight to make every car approach a delightful experience. Also in this paver’s favor is its non-slip texture.


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